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Saturday, 18 November 2017 00:00

The Reachout Mbuya charity run

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Let us run the race that is before us.

Come 2nd December 2017, the 2nd Annual HIV/AIDS Charity Run will happen again at Mbuya. Are you prepared to run the race to save a life? I sit on the Board of Reach Out Mbuya. I must tell you as a Parishioner that we need your partnership. Lots of things have happened that have changed the international donor landscape. First it was the European immigration crisis. The focus has been on protecting the boarders and finding alternative havens for refugees to reduce pressure on the European soils. Next has been the ever increasing scale of natural disasters. United States, one of the top donors on earth, has been among the most hit. Then International Terrorism. And recently, the America first Trump Era. The list is endless. What is apparent is that changes in the US administration has had implications in funding budget for reproductive health and multi-lateral funding. The future of sustainable resource mobilization is diversification of revenue sources with a bias on donor resource generation.

Community funding initiatives like health runs, are critical. ROM spends a lot of money to organize a run. We need your sponsorship and participation to recover the costs as well as make a surplus to support our clients.

The good news is when you run, you save a life as you save yours. The 21st disease challenge is non-communicable diseases. Diseases like high blood pressure. Diabetes. Low blood pressure are on the rise. If you eat more than you work out, you have high chances of catching them. Heightened physical exercise is one of the most common recommendations you will get anywhere from any doctor. And that is the best preventative strategy.

The best time to start is now. ROM is located next to the Church. How many of you reading this have visited us to see what we do? Presently, we support so many HIV/AIDS infected and affected people using one of the leading holistic models of care. Our strategy 2018 plans to extend our services to none-communicable diseases as well since some of the patients come with the conditions.

The annual health run on 2nd December 2017 will help us face 2018 with confidence of your support. We need to raise at least Ugx. 500m and time is running really fast. I appeal to all Christians reading this to invite at least 10 people – your relatives and friends, colleagues and supervisors at your place of work. If they cannot find the time, let them find Ugx. 100,000. Such will entitle each one of them a ROM membership card and a spot on our ROM wall of community donors. It is such sacrifices that will help us deliver essential services to those most in need. In case you don’t want the membership card, get tickets from the Parish Priest and sell to your colleagues. We appreciate your contribution in advance.

I look forward to running the marathon alongside you.



Theme: Expectation

Another liturgical year is fading away, leaving behind the ever-shifting sands of our daily lives thoughts about the end. The Word of God today reminds us that worry and anxiety are exercises in futility since no one knows the specific time or moment when this world will be utterly transformed by Jesus’ second coming. As believers we are of course, aware that the end time will indeed come, but the fact that the eschatological climax has been so long delayed may cause an attitude of passivity. Aware of these pitfalls which plague the human psyche; the Church invites us to reflect on the last things when we are still alive.


Reach Out Mbuya (ROM) in collaboration with Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church and other partners are organising the 2017 ROM AIDS Charity Run which is scheduled to take place on December 02, 2017 in Kampala district. The charity run will target 2,000 participants and reach out to more than 3,000 people with HIV prevention messaging through various strategies including new media campaigns and a medical camp.


Theme: Waiting in hope

What is wisdom? What does it mean to be wise? These are the questions put before us today. In an attempt to find a fresh approach on this timeless topic, I decided to consult the mouths of babes where an eleven-year-old orphan replied: ‘Wisdom means ‘knowing a lot of something’. Then, I asked if there were a difference between being smart and being wise. After a few moments, the response was, ‘A smart person knows a lot of facts but a wise person has knowledge that comes from experience’. Then I put the same question to a catechumen who responded: ‘Wisdom means knowing right from wrong and making right choices’. When I asked again how a person gets wisdom, the reply was, ‘I guess you have to ask God’.

Saturday, 04 November 2017 00:00

31st Sunday in ordinary time Year A

Written by


Theme:  Leaders or bosses?

Today’s liturgy puts before us the theme of leadership and point out that humanity is most times poorly served by insincere leaders. It goes ahead to describe qualities a leader should foster for the well-being of the community. True leaders are a medium through which others can come to know and accept or reject their ideas and authority.


Theme: Make your life meaningful

God’s love for us is a mandate and a command. We need to respond not by mere feelings but with decisive conviction. Feelings come and go as they wish; instead love is a mandate, a choice, a decision, and a commitment to do things the best way possible. That is why Jesus is commanding us to love others. It’s what we do to others, not how we feel toward them that matters.

Saturday, 21 October 2017 00:00

29th Sunday in ordinary time Year A

Written by


Theme: Not mere words but action

World Mission Sunday

Today’s readings invite us to recognize the hand of God at work in human history while revealing a sense of the sacred within the most secular circumstance. Isaiah tells his contemporaries that their political fortunes are changing for the better, not simply because one earthly power is prevailing over another but because God has willed it to happen. When Jesus is confronted by adversaries about their legality to paying taxes, he tells them to respect and obey civil authorities without forgetting their obligations to God since all authority comes from God. The Gospel transforms all of us and asks us to collaborate with God.


Theme: Food and eternity

After toiling long hours, in a brutal climate, on rough terrain, with only the simplest implements, Israelites considered themselves fortunate to be able to provide a simple meal for their families; only to begin the whole laborious process all over again the next day. Thus the idea of a lavish free banquet at which every hunger could be treated was equivalent to paradise. These readings therefore warrant a degree of serious reflection on our eating habits and life-styles. Unlike our spiritual forebears, food in its extravagance is generally readily available at the nearest take away. These meals in a carton box and polystyrene paper are eaten en route or alone and without benefit of the table-talk and companionship. To our surprise; the advent of television and whatsup are doing much to change our eating habits. We are getting used to eating from shaky trays in front of the Television. Yet, however much we eat we remain hungry for that human exchange that occurs naturally within the context of a common meal. Today this is what we are invited to revisit.

Saturday, 30 September 2017 00:00

26th Sunday of ordinary time year ‘A’

Written by


Theme: Believe and be responsible

The ability to change one’s mind is a necessary aspect of Christian living. It is my responsibility as a believer to have my attitude aligned to the mind of God. This attitude is revealed throughout the Bible. The process of changing one’s mind results in a life-changing experience called conversion that is so deep to be termed a metanoia in Greek and shubh in Hebrew which means an about turn, seemlier to change of direction.

Dear Parishioners, with love and gratitude to God our Father I congratulate you upon this year’s Parish day and I thank you for your generosity and support to this parish. Indeed God has been good in all ways. Our Parish has continued to be a source of life and energy for thousands of pilgrims who come to Mbuya Parish. May all glory be to God our loving and caring Father.

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