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Apr 24, 2014 Written by 

What you need to know to be financially independent Be the first to comment!

Are you financially independent? Do you have enough money to cover your basic needs and have some to save for the old age?

You need money to buy your needs and wants. You cannot be happy and achieve peak performance unless you afford to buy your basic needs.

How do you ensure you are financially stable to have peace of mind?

  • Have a clear financial strategy
  • Be a master of your own life. Write down what it is you want to achieve in in line with your guiding values or personal credo. Set your own agenda and work consistently towards your target in line with your values.

If you lack clarity about your definition of success, how will you know when you make it?

Above all, save.

Why would you live in a $1,000 monthly rent apartment, when you earn just $2,000? 

Write this down:

Your total fixed monthly costs should never exceed 40% of your guaranteed monthly revenue. Always set aside at least 5% of your salary for emergencies and 25% of your salary (in stocks, land or in a small business). If you don’t have health insurance, set aside another 5% for your medical bills.

You can then try to live on the remaining 25%.

“Success is your ability to be well-off tomorrow than you are today.”

If you don’t save and invest wisely, you are unlikely to make your tomorrow better. 

Copyright Mustapha Barnabas Mugisa, MBA 2014. All rights reserved.

Mustapha B. Mugisa

So many youth out there are obsessed about the Internet. They are missing Church as they 'update their social network statuses.' My mission is to bring the Church to the youth by giving a website to every Church. Under my Mustapha Mugisa Foundation, I teach the youth in life skills free of charge. Join us and gain free life chaning skills, contact us today. What to get side income? What to be a winner? Join us today and unleash your potential.   


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