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Insights and teachings for your personal success from our professional counsellors and executives in the Church.

Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

Let us run the race that is before us.

Come 2nd December 2017, the 2nd Annual HIV/AIDS Charity Run will happen again at Mbuya. Are you prepared to run the race to save a life? I sit on the Board of Reach Out Mbuya. I must tell you as a Parishioner that we need your partnership. Lots of things have happened that have changed the international donor landscape. First it was the European immigration crisis. The focus has been on protecting the boarders and finding alternative havens for refugees to reduce pressure on the European soils. Next has been the ever increasing scale of natural disasters. United States, one of the top donors on earth, has been among the most hit. Then International Terrorism. And recently, the America first Trump Era. The list is endless. What is apparent is that changes in the US administration has had implications in funding budget for reproductive health and multi-lateral funding. The future of sustainable resource mobilization is diversification of revenue sources with a bias on donor resource generation.

Community funding initiatives like health runs, are critical. ROM spends a lot of money to organize a run. We need your sponsorship and participation to recover the costs as well as make a surplus to support our clients.

The good news is when you run, you save a life as you save yours. The 21st disease challenge is non-communicable diseases. Diseases like high blood pressure. Diabetes. Low blood pressure are on the rise. If you eat more than you work out, you have high chances of catching them. Heightened physical exercise is one of the most common recommendations you will get anywhere from any doctor. And that is the best preventative strategy.

The best time to start is now. ROM is located next to the Church. How many of you reading this have visited us to see what we do? Presently, we support so many HIV/AIDS infected and affected people using one of the leading holistic models of care. Our strategy 2018 plans to extend our services to none-communicable diseases as well since some of the patients come with the conditions.

The annual health run on 2nd December 2017 will help us face 2018 with confidence of your support. We need to raise at least Ugx. 500m and time is running really fast. I appeal to all Christians reading this to invite at least 10 people – your relatives and friends, colleagues and supervisors at your place of work. If they cannot find the time, let them find Ugx. 100,000. Such will entitle each one of them a ROM membership card and a spot on our ROM wall of community donors. It is such sacrifices that will help us deliver essential services to those most in need. In case you don’t want the membership card, get tickets from the Parish Priest and sell to your colleagues. We appreciate your contribution in advance.

I look forward to running the marathon alongside you.


Feb 18, 2017

Thinking proactively

Written by Published in Success


Success through employment is one of the options you have. I recommend that your objective is to have clear career focus of the corporate/ organization level you eventually plan to reach.

As a government employee or civil servant, however brilliant you may be, being well networked with political leaders and other high-level civil servants is critical for your fast career progression.


If you are a regular reader of this column, I hope by now you have a clear personal strategy. My experience is planning for five-10 years ahead is better than annual planning and New Year resolutions. The year of these days is so short. As an individual, you will experience key milestones over a five-10 year horizon. Ask: what do I intend to have achieved within the next five years.


“I thought I was happily married, until she told me she was leaving.” To where? I asked thinking that she was going for shopping at Nakumatti, where she usually goes every Saturday afternoon. I was wrong.

This time she was going for good.

“I am tired of this marriage,” she shouted out.

“All you think about is yourself. Your two children. Your car. Your phone. And when you have time to sit with me in the sitting room, it is your Arsenal or Barcelona. I am tired of being equated to Messi in terms of agility. I also want to be made to feel like a woman.”


This is the time of the year most people make resolutions for the New Year. Resolutions fail because they are not translated into actions to become real. It is not enough to make resolutions for a new year. Have clear actions or activities to achieve them, and a yardstick to measure progress.

Dec 12, 2016

What are your priorities?

Written by Published in Success


Now that you know who you are, the next step is to ask what does success mean to you, and your key stakeholders.

Your family, relatives, friends and community are critical. At each stage of your life, who are those people with a lot of influence (in your career choice) and interest (in your success?)

Nov 19, 2016

Achieve your personal potential

Written by Published in Success


Who are you? The first step in achieving your potential is to know who you are. Where do you come from? what are your family values? Do not try to be something you are not and expect to win. Appreciate your background and first make peace with it. Acknowledge your identity.


If you want to succeed, you need to change your view. With technology, battles don't have to be harder. And the earlier you accept that, the better for you.

That saying is attributed to Ford Motors Corporation staff in the US in the early days of manufacturing where, after spending a lot of time, carrying steel, and then assembling and painting. They all sat down, and were happy with the product they had made – a car.

Looking at what their sweat had created, they were very excited. One of them, as a way of motivating the team for the next car and preparing their mind to it said: “the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory." They all laughed, tossed up their water glasses, in celebration.

They would be ready to start the process all over... and sweet looking forward to another car, and etc

That was until Japan’s Toyota, surpassed them… thanks to technology and agile manufacturing.

They were all surprised: how come a company without big, strong and powerful men like those working at Ford would make many high quality cars that consumers adored and wanted to use all the time?

So, the "the harder the battle, the clearer lack of preparation."

If you still think that your muscles are all you need to succeed, forget it.

Remember, in today’s information led economy and growth, people who know more, are highly exposed and practice smart technologies and working methods that win. 

It is great that Ford realized quickly and updated their methodologies and production processes.

Do the same.

Copyright 2016 Mustapha B Mugisa, Your Success Partner.


Educated or not, if you can read or write, you have a minimum foundation to earn a living. You have no reason to just sit.

The starting point is being a person of high moral standing and trustable. Next is acquiring hands-on or practical skills. People are always looking for house helpers, electricians, drivers, secretaries, car cleaners, people to send for errands or to the market, gate keepers, people to wash clothes, typists (especially for very busy people), Graphic designers, Camera men, sales persons, aides, people to drop and pick kids from school, etc. As long as they know you trustable and genuine, you have high chances of getting close to the person who needs your services. If you attend church; you are step closer to great people than you think. All you need is for them to know you exist, you can be trusted, and you have hands-on skill set.


My dear Friend,

It takes an enormous amount of courage to get through life. I never realized that it did, but it does. I mean, when I was young, it didn't seem to me that life required bravery, in particular. Determination, perhaps. Stick-to-its-eveness, perhaps. A lot of tolerance for people older than me who didn't understand anything at all, perhaps. But not necessarily a whole bunch of bravery.

I was wrong.

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