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Theme: God bless and keep us

In many countries around the world family members gather to receive blessings from God and from each other. Both old and the newly born want to begin the New Year under protection and grace from above. In a similar way; we are invited today to come together so that we can be blessed. This blessing installs on us love, hope and faith so that we can have life in its fullness.

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Theme: The gift of a holy Family

On this feast of the Holy Family we are invited to reflect beyond models and personalities who have figured so importantly in our history of salvation by looking critically upon one universal family of humankind. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors; the ties that used to bind global network of families have suffered serious assaults over the past generations. Relational weakness and decay of values is affecting us heavily to the point of suffocating the once obvious joy.


Theme: Light of Day

Today, the Christians world over celebrate a mother and the Son to whom she has given birth. This unique baby is the messiah, Jesus Christ in whom God has come to dwell among us. Through him all darkness that had previously threatened to overwhelm humankind is now on notice.  Light has come to birth, the strong hold of night has been broken.


Theme: Today a Saviour has been born to you

Christmas is finally here. All four weeks of Advent we have been waiting and praying for the coming blessings of Christmas. And now Christmas is here. Today the angels are bringing us the good news of great joy for all the people, for to us is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord. This good news of great joy is for all the people of God. As people of God we have a claim to the joy and the peace that the birth of Christ brings to the world. But how do I personally enter into this ‘great joy’ of Christmas? Christmas rings out ‘joy to the world’, yes, but how do I make this joy my own? This is the question at hand. Even though God has declared joy to the whole world, there are still many among us who do not know how to claim and make it their own.


Dear Friends, Christmas is here. In those days, a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the people should be enrolled. It is the reason why Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem and Jesus was born there as had been prophesized many centuries before. Mic 5:2


Theme: God is one with us

The angel said to Joseph in a dream ‘do not be afraid’. This exhortation against fear, preserved in today’s Gospel, enabled Joseph to shake off what must have been frightening worries about Mary, about the coming child, about the need to do the right thing by his pregnant wife, as well as follow the law and keep the curious and the judgmental at bay.  The exhortations ‘do not be afraid’ occurs 80 times in the bible. Each time, the one who hears these words is assured that God is greater than any fear and that there is indeed a remedy to fear. God told Abraham to “fear not” Genesis 15:1 before making a covenant with him. Gabriel said the same to Daniel in the book of Daniel 10:12 when he was terrified by a vision.


Theme: Keep moving

It is a common belief that a person consists of his faith, although religion which is cause of faith is so common the fact remains that faith is a rare commodity. Faith is the in-between space where you are not sure you will make it to second level. You have to let go of one thing, even if you haven’t yet latched on to the other.

Today is the day when despair and hope meet to decide the fate of humanity. Today we are invited to make a choice and take a stand to stay with or to move away from Jesus. The usual homilies have less to clarify since the way of the Cross is enough. I pick seven words that may provoke us to retrace where our hope has disappeared so that we may return on the right truck.

The First Word: Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do!  In these words we were all included; the indifferent, those who slapped his face, the Chief Priests hidden by the cruel Centurion’s chariot, the fearful apostles and crowds. But in the distance there is an incredible ultimate grace. We all hung the innocent instead of discerning out the Judas Iscariot who is forever our companion.

Theme: Decide now

 Luke’s account of the Passion of Jesus contains a number of emotional moments that show how what happens to Jesus forces others to make decisions. The majority of the disciples will pledge their loyalty at the Last Supper, then run away when the police converge on Jesus in the garden. Peter boasts of his steadfastness, then denies any association with Jesus when questioned. Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss. Pilate seeks to avoid passing judgment on a man he thinks is innocent first by sending him to Herod who mocks and beats Jesus and sends him back; then by appealing to the crowd to choose him over Barabbas; finally by trying to pacify the Sanhedrin by having him flogged. Luke tries to exonerate the Romans of Jesus’ death as the early Church seeks an entry into the Mediterranean world. But in the end he can only show the pressure a cowardly Pilate was under as he gives in and hands Jesus over to be crucified, a form of capital punishment only Rome could inflict.

Theme: He is the light of Day

A few years ago, a couple from Spain on a visit to Kampala stood on the shores of Lake Victoria at Luzira landing site marveling at its vast expanse and admiring the industriousness of the fishermen who, for generations, had made a living from its bounty. Located about 7 Kilometers from Kampala  City at a height of about  900 feet above sea level, Lake Victoria is bordered by three cone-shaped hills that add to the majestic view. As the couple watched and wondered, a woman approached them. Obviously quite pregnant and smiling pleasantly as she winced against the pain that accompanies imminent birth, she showed them the package she was carrying and, through signs and gestures, asked if they’d like to see its contents.  When the woman shyly unwrapped the parcel, she brought forth a beautifully hand-woven, bright and multi-colored palm leaves mat, the size of an average dinning table. ‘Did you make this?’ the couple asked. Her answering gestures signaled ‘yes’, while her face beamed with pride when they praised her artistry.  Eager to sell her work but also eager to leave the lakeshore, the lovely, soon-to-be mother shifted from one foot to another trying to mask her growing discomfort.  As the exchange was being made, so also were introductions and the couple learned that they were speaking to Namutebi, who was about to ‘to give a child to the light.’ So you are dar a luz. A Spanish term ‘dar a lu’ which literally means ‘to give to the light,’ is virtually pregnant with significance, particularly today, when Christians world over celebrate another mother and the Son to whom she gave birth. Through Jesus Christ, God has come to dwell among us; by virtue of God’s presence, all darkness that had previously threatened to overwhelm humankind is now on notice.  Light has come to birth, the stranglehold of night has been broken.

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