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Theme: Experience

Every year we celebrate the incarnation of Christ on 25 December and none of us need to be reminded about that date. However, the Church also supplies a period of preparation. Advent is a time to prepare and anticipate the coming of Christ. It is a time to get excited about the reality of God’s plans for humanity. It is a time that reminds us to stay alert and watchful. To be practical; there are various ways we can prepare this Advent including putting aside some of our savings so as to support the needy, whose who have no family and those who cannot afford any celebration. Advent prepares us for the coming into time and space the person of Jesus in human flesh thus allowing us to share the mystery of faith. This is a great gift that God allows us.

Theme: The advent experience

Every year Mother Church celebrates the Nativity of Jesus Christ on 25 December and none of us need to be reminded about that date. However, the Church also supplies a season of preparation because it realizes that good anticipation is as good as half the joy! Advent is that time, a time to prepare and anticipating the coming of Christ. It is the time when we can get excited about coming to almost a good conclusion of the calendar year. When I say prepare for and anticipate Christmas, I do not mean that we buy more gifts or go shopping. While these things have a value in themselves, we need to be alert about the consumeristic preparation for Christmas.

First: Is. 63:16-17.19; 64:1-7; Second: 1Cor.1: 3-9; Gospel: Mk.13:33-37

Theme of the readings

All human life is a long vigil of waiting for the Lord. Advent is specifically designated to focus of this process to keep alive our hope of salvation. The Gospel says three times: "Be on your guard, stay awake," because you never know when the time will come, when the master of the house is coming. In the first letter to the Corinthians, Paul talks about waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed, "he will continue to give you strength till the very end." The beautiful invocation to the Lord that we find in the third passage of Isaiah expresses the wish that the Lord may break into history with his might, as if it were a new Exodus, recalling that "You are our Father."

When this year began, some of us could easily share in these assumptions: The year is so long; will it soon come to completion? I have started the year with some difficult, how will its end look like?  I have some objectives to achieve, will I sure succeed? Some members of my family seem determined to be an obstacle, will all continue like this? I have started happy and I want to end the year on the same note, will I sustain this hope? All these and some other situations could be part of our luggage in your mind until now.

Not withstanding this, the year is concluding and soon this year will be recorded history. The period of advent and Christmas though give each person of good will a chance to evaluate what has been experienced and see where to catch up.

Readings: 1st Is.2:1-5; Resp. Psalm:121; 2nd Rom.13:11-14; Gospel: Mt.24:37-44.

Theme of the Readings.

The Lord is coming: The central message today is the eminent visit of God; in Jesus Christ the Word made flesh. The great sermon on the Second Coming of Jesus Mt.24.25, as narrated by St Mathew is characterised by eschatological events. The prophetic eye of Isaiah focuses on the messianic happenings whose fulfilment is to be accomplished in the future or in the second coming of Jesus Christ as it were.

The passion, death and resurrection of the Lord that happened in Jerusalem more than two thousand years ago concretised the first advent of God in his human form in the world. It was to the city of Jerusalem, that numerous peoples converged to see the Lord.

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