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Theme: The truth in the cost of discipleship

The cost of discipleship is set of truth before us as the praying assembly every time we gather around the word of God. This truth, told through many generations and in various accents, has been shaped and colored by a multiplicity of different experiences and motivations. Because the truth is often hard to hear, quite difficult to assimilate and challenging to translate into words and deeds, it is sometimes rejected, is regularly ignored and even more frequently is relegated to a sort of waiting room of our lives until such time as that truth might become more convenient or less disturbing. But despite our every attempt to avoid it, the truth continues to speak. Like the proverbial 2,000 Kilograms elephant in the room that we would rather talk around, the truth remains. The decision to listen and to heed that truth is the daily challenge of every would-be disciple of God, of Jesus.

Today is the day when despair and hope meet to decide the fate of humanity. Today we are invited to make a choice and take a stand to stay with or to move away from Jesus. The usual homilies have less to clarify since the way of the Cross is enough. I pick seven words that may provoke us to retrace where our hope has disappeared so that we may return on the right truck.

The First Word: Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do!  In these words we were all included; the indifferent, those who slapped his face, the Chief Priests hidden by the cruel Centurion’s chariot, the fearful apostles and crowds. But in the distance there is an incredible ultimate grace. We all hung the innocent instead of discerning out the Judas Iscariot who is forever our companion.

Theme: Salvation is here

The annual commemoration of the baptism of Jesus allows each one of us to pause and consider not only that inaugural event of Jesus’ public ministry but also our own baptism. Those who were baptized as adults and shared in the experience of the catechumenate can readily appreciate the process of Christian initiation; those who were baptized in infancy can appropriate the catechumenate experience later in life while learning from those who have handed on to them the rich heritage of the faith. Each year, both the original Christians and adult converts to Christ have the opportunity to become renewed in their baptismal commitment by sharing in the preparation of the catechumens who are baptized at the Easter vigil.

Christmas is the moment in which history is condensed in time so that human raceis made to subscribe to grace; making all creation to experience salvation from God. In situations of misery and poverty God comes to visit his people in a manner that will surely attract their curiosity and attention. For generations humanity had been resistant to embrace the experience of being comprehensively loved. The voice and presence of prophets had left an impact of deep explanations towards doing good and abandoning evil but majority of men and women chose to neglect such reminders. Christmas manifests the day when God assumes human nature and comes to dwell on earth to personally save his people.

First: Is. 63:16-17.19; 64:1-7; Second: 1Cor.1: 3-9; Gospel: Mk.13:33-37

Theme of the readings

All human life is a long vigil of waiting for the Lord. Advent is specifically designated to focus of this process to keep alive our hope of salvation. The Gospel says three times: "Be on your guard, stay awake," because you never know when the time will come, when the master of the house is coming. In the first letter to the Corinthians, Paul talks about waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed, "he will continue to give you strength till the very end." The beautiful invocation to the Lord that we find in the third passage of Isaiah expresses the wish that the Lord may break into history with his might, as if it were a new Exodus, recalling that "You are our Father."

A few days ago, a good size Cross has been unveiled at Mbuya in the compound of Our Lady of Africa Parish Church which is one of the places frequented by a good number of Catholics in and around Kampala. This Cross which stands at 35 feet above the ground and 15 feet under the soil; with a well sculptured image of the Crucified Jesus that weighs approximately two tones, has been built to commemorate two important events in the life of Mbuya Parish in particular and Uganda in general.

The first baptism in Mbuya took place on 11th July 1964 which should be counting fifty year by now. The second reason is to honor our Holy Martyrs of Uganda who were canonized on 18th October 1964. The Golden Jubilee of these two invents was the drive behind this common but meaningful visible sign in a form of the Cross. 

Theme: Fairness of God in granting the Kingdom

It is obvious that the major theme running through the whole Bible is that of ‘justice’. God is wholly just and we are called, both individually and corporately to be instruments of justice. Yet the question is, what do we mean by justice? What does the bible mean by justice? What is the justice of God? Some straight answers to these questions can be found in today’s liturgy. To comprehend God’s justice we are called to do some adjustments in our normal ways of thinking.

When we cool down and start to trust in the overwhelming grace of God, we shall realize that God is very near to us than we can imagine. What we have to take caution about is the acceptance that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are far beyond ours. To enjoy the justice of God, we need to stop complaining and starting living a balanced life. Take this as an example; how many times in the course of a given day, have you heard someone remark, ‘That’s not fair!’ Children on a playground may bicker over a toy or piece of recreational equipment.

Theme: This Cross is a means for our Salvation

Strange as it may seem, the Cross, which was the Roman instrument for executing its basest criminals, is the foremost identifying symbol of Christianity. In its crossbars, the Cross holds in tension both the humiliation of the manner of Jesus’ death and the triumph over sin which Jesus’ dying accomplished. Because of this tension and the seemingly irreconcilable contradiction that a crucified man could also be God, the earliest generations of Christians generally avoided depicting the body of Christ on the Cross. Ironically, the oldest representation of the crucified Christ has been identified as a graffito found on a wall in Rome in the second century after Christ.

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Welcome to Our Lady of Africa Parish Mbuya. We are located near Bugolobi Township in Nakawa Division. It is about 5 kms from the City Centre of Kampala. Mbuya Catholic Parish is a vibrant and diverse community made up of people from different parts of Uganda. We welcome you warmly and joyfully.

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