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Beatrice Akite

I am a literature teacher passionate about serving the community through charity. At Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church I participate in the Choir, read Church announcements, and mentor young children to grow in faith. As the Assistant Public Relations Officer of the Youth Apostolate, I mobilise the youth and create strong networks.

As 2014 came to a close, many had to look back to the finished and unfinished business as per the resolutions. However, those who reasoned to have 2014 end in the Church had no reason to despair even when what was planned was not fulfilled. Starting the year 2015 with the family of the Church and forecasting to end 2015 in style was comforting enough.

I just decided to venture on the lane for my writing. And I would like to tear out my heart concerning writing. Writing is one of those diuretic jobs that drain ones’ water out of the bodies before realizing how punched one has been. In fact, if you have pressure, it’s advisable to reduce the intake of writing or reading lest you lose it all. The passion for writing is like the movement of the whirl winds that when it comes, it sweeps one to the clouds. In fact, the whirl wind is a better comparison because with writing, one talks to oneself like a night ghost. Wake up in the night and do nothing but shun that boss who made your day a million times difficult or that ‘gu’ boy or girl whose glance at church you thought meant a thing or that guy or lady with an attire that made you think of increasing your wardrobe or actually that night star, morning starlet, eclipse, Mandela (R.I.P), priest, Sudan, accident and it goes on and on with your heart impulse increasing like that wet dream you had waking up thinking you were with ‘susu’ mates emptying the stomach only to realize you are static in the dream and soaked like a wet hen.


Monday, 06 January 2014 14:14

Know which foot to use to kick start 2014

Well it’s that time of the year again when one is asked about their resolutions and one can only resolve to look back at what one failed to resolve the previous year. Much as it is a tradition to set one, I have often failed to honour my resolutions because when I do, it usually comes unexpectedly and I only recall what was on the list at the beginning of the following. I am not saying setting resolutions is problematic and one should not do so. In fact, do it earnestly and energetically, remember forward stewards to the promised land.

Hmmm, I recalled one thing that swept me off my feet, Fr. Paulino Mondo is one youth whose vigour is more than the reaction of sodium to potassium though I think ammonia would top all if my Chemistry did not end in the laboratory. Well, for the young ladies and gents whose resolution is to get married this year, according to Fr. Pauilino, stop wasting time dreaming when there is no potential candidate. In fact, if you have never set your eyes on a lady or man, your resolution is as rusty. First, you need to get a boyfriend or girlfriend before you dream of marriage partners. In fact, Father emphasized why you should set that as your resolution if you haven’t yet resolved to get one. If things fail, then you could consider 2015.

Monday, 26 August 2013 09:04

You ought to have a role model

Most of the times, we are caught between a rock and a hard place thinking over who we need in our lives. Today, I think we are blessed with so much that we are often spoilt for choice. However, the parish day did open a number of eyes to aid us in this search that seems endless.

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Welcome to Our Lady of Africa Parish Mbuya. We are located near Bugolobi Township in Nakawa Division. It is about 5 kms from the City Centre of Kampala. Mbuya Catholic Parish is a vibrant and diverse community made up of people from different parts of Uganda. We welcome you warmly and joyfully.

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