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Fr. Paulino Twesigye Mondo

Fr. Paulino Twesigye Mondo is a Comboni Missionary Priest. He holds a PhD in Moral Theology from Academia Alphonsiana Lateran University Rome. Currently he is the Assistant Parish Priest Our Lady of Africa Mbuya- Kampala and Secretary Missionary Animation Comboni Missionaries Uganda. For the last twenty years he has worked as missionary in Kenya where he served in various capacities as National Youth Chaplain, Secretary of National Lay Apostolate, Secretary and Director Missionary Animation, Parish Priest Holy Trinity Kariobangi, Director of Radio Waumini Kenya, Program presenter of Know Your Faith Vatican Radio, Staff writer with National Mirror and New People Magazine, Theologian of Kenya Episcopal Conference, Dean of Eastland’s, Visiting Lecturer on Ethics, Social Doctrine to various Universities, Board Member various Colleges and Secondary Schools, member of College of Consultors Archdiocese of Nairobi, Theologian Delegate to the Second Africa Synod on Reconciliation, Justice and Peace and Synod on New Evangelization for transmission of Christian faith.

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In order to truly appreciate the role and the person of Mary, contemporary Christians need no other source than the Christian scriptures. Luke, in particular, presents Mary in a manner that encourages us to sidestep the maudlin sentimentality that has accrued to her through the ages. In Luke and Acts we encounter a woman who is at once mother and mentor. Mary is mother not only in the sense that she agreed to give birth to Jesus through whom God has become incarnate in human existence; but also the mother who  welcomed the living Word of God into her life. Mary allowed herself to be inspired and be directed by that Word in all she said and did.

Even before she fully understood the ramifications of the word God spoke to her she comprehend the impact God’s word and agreed to mother the Word and to ponder it. cf. Luke 2:19, 51. For both of these mothering roles, Mary is the “blessed is the womb that carried you … blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it” Luke 11:27, 28. Through the centuries, Mary‘s role as both mother and mentor has grown. We revere her and are drawn to emulate her willingness to believe God and to live in accordance with her faith. It is on record that even some non Catholics are rediscovering her, glad to find a feminine figure in the Bible worthy of honor and grace.

Theme: Believing is seeing beyond the sign

In recent years, the news media carried a story of a modern-day good Samaritan who packed his car each day with dozens of homemade sandwiches and traveled near Clock tower round about to distribute them to homeless and street children. Eventually, those who benefited from his generosity became familiar with the Samaritan’s customary routine and began to congregate near that round about at a specific time each day to wait for their daily gift of food. After receiving their sandwich, some ate it all immediately. Others ate only a portion of it and saved the rest for later. Still others took the sandwich their hideout to someone in their group.

Theme: All belongs to God

Appalled at the wastefulness of their students, two Secondary School teachers planted a young Pine tree on the school’s compound and named it the Free-Food Tree. Rather than discard their uneaten or unwanted meals, the students were encouraged to place them under the tree so that some outsiders who could not afford a meal could help themselves. Some students began to buy and bring an extra sandwich from the school canteen so that they would have one to put under the Free-Food Tree. Eventually, the supply of donated food was sufficient to nourish all the school’s hungry passerby with enough left over to offer to the homeless in the neighborhood. In addition to learning not to waste their share of this world’s goods, the students had their first encounter with hunger and began to understand what they could do to alleviate it. A valuable lesson indeed, considering the fact that every hour 1,500 of this world’s children die of hunger or hunger-related causes. But there are other hungers which gnaw at the human heart; these also cry out for nourishment. Today’s readings remind us of the balance that must be struck.

Theme: Ministry is our way of life

During the first two Sundays of this month, the readings called our attention to the challenge of sharing in the ministry of Jesus. Preaching the Gospel and translating its message authentically in words and works can prove to be a difficult job especially speaking the truth where it may not be wanted, upholding justice where injustices abound and defending the rights and dignity of the defenseless when it is literary impossible. These are the actions that often place disciples of Jesus at odds with their contemporaries.

Theme: The Eucharist is our life

In our village there was a 6-year-old boy named Kana who refused to go to school. Each day, despite his protests, his mother walked him to school, but as soon as she left him, he ran back home only to have his mother bring him back to the school once again. This scenario played itself out for several days, with Kana continuing to refuse to stay in school and his parents refusing to acquiesce to his desires. No inducement or threat could convince Kana to change his mind. Finally, in desperation, the boy’s parents took him to their Catechist, who said, ‘If the boy won’t listen to words, bring him to me.’ When the parents brought their son to the Catechist, he said not a word. He simply picked up the boy and held him to his heart for a long time. Then, without speaking a word, he set him down. What words alone could not accomplish, a silent embrace did. Not only did Kana go to school willingly, he went on to become a great scholar and a priest.

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Welcome to Our Lady of Africa Parish Mbuya. We are located near Bugolobi Township in Nakawa Division. It is about 5 kms from the City Centre of Kampala. Mbuya Catholic Parish is a vibrant and diverse community made up of people from different parts of Uganda. We welcome you warmly and joyfully.

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