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A): For the youths.

1. Youth T-shirts were processed as an income generating project, oddi (simsim paste), beads, necklaces, liquid soap, ear rings and local bags were also taken up as youth projects this year, Youths gained financially from all these projects which are still strongly running.

2. Most of the youths joined the saving group (Mukisa) that meet every Sunday at the church.

3. Talent development in games and sports: we hosted youths from Kitala- TASO for a football match on parish day, Sunday, 18th Aug, 2013, we won them 3-0, We also defeated Namugongo seminarians 5; 4 on Thursday, 2nd January, 2014. On Sunday, 21st July, 2013, We visited and interacted with fellow youths from St. Josephs’ Lweza parish; We were terribly beaten by Lwezarians in football and netball. Father scored 2 goals

4. A youth choir named St. Daniel Comboni has also been formed that sings on the last Sunday of every month (youth Sundays), weddings, graduations to earn money for members.

5. We worked together as brothers and sisters last year, we supported each other incases of challenges like singing for members in their weddings and graduation parties.

B): For the church.

1. We displayed the theme of the year on the banner in the church.

2. Purchased the woofer that has amplified Piano sound in the church and youth entertainment.

3. Taken responsibility of Sunday school.

4. Hosted other youths and animated mass on Naguru Deanery youth day celebrations held on Sunday, 1st September, 2013 at Mbuya parish.

5. Joined other youths for the Kampala Archdiocesan youths day celebrations in Namugongo on Sunday, 29th September, 2013.

6. Successfully organized a youth day at Kinawataka in January last year.

7. Flower planting around the church on Sunday, 27th October, 2013 in preparation for the sub-parish day celebrations in November.

8. Formation of the youth’ Sunday (Every last Sunday of the month).

9. A whole day of General cleaning in preparation for the sub-parish day celebrations that took place in November last year.

C): For the community.

We organized blood donations on Sunday, 28th July, 2013 where 12 ltrs (24 units) of blood were donated, We worked together with Nakasero blood bank.


less co-operation from some members, time schedules



Onyayowun Paul


 Ssabavubuka / Youth chair person


St. Joseph mukasa balikuddembe catholic sub-parish mbuya kinawataka




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About Our Church

Welcome to Our Lady of Africa Parish Mbuya. We are located near Bugolobi Township in Nakawa Division. It is about 5 kms from the City Centre of Kampala. Mbuya Catholic Parish is a vibrant and diverse community made up of people from different parts of Uganda. We welcome you warmly and joyfully.

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