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Young Catholic Workers (YCWM) –Mbuya was formed on the 22 April 2009 and officially launched on May 1, 2009, as a Youth desk or seedbed of Catholic Workers Movement (CWM) - Mbuya which is part of CWM- Uganda. YCWM is dedicated to promoting and improving the health, educational attainment, human welfare, and opportunities for Youths, Families and Communities in Mbuya and Nakawa Division

The Movement is affiliated to the World Movement of Christian Workers (WMCW) where it is registered as a member organization and has been represented in the International Conferences of the WMCW since its inception in Uganda. It also partners with KAB-Germany and Weltnotwerk.

The Movement has structures which begin from the Parishes to the Dioceses and then to the National. We are privileged to work under the Catholic Church wherever we are located and the National office is located in Lubaga – Pope John Paul II Memorial Cathedral Hall.

The organization promotes the interests of all those who rely upon their work or for their income, whether formally or informally. Catholic Workers’ Movement is a movement of formation through action. The member movements are committed to raising awareness through permanent education. To reach this goal, the movement applies the «-see-judge-act method», also called the «Review of life».


A society free from Social Injustice”


To encourage the members to take collective action towards social change using the principles of the Catholic Church


  • Enhancing Spirituality.
  • Building solidarity and promoting the spirit of working together.
  • Be the voice of the voiceless.
  • Economic empowerment or Self-help.

Patron Saint: St. Joseph the Worker and May 1st Catholic Workers’ Day

Current programs and activities

  1. Self -help programs: YCWM also provides youth education, ceramics, dance, art programs, Sports activities, a homework help program, youth holiday jobs, and a leadership program.
  2. Performance group: Sing at Functions, Weddings and Corporate Events. YCWM perform Cultural/Traditional Music and Dance. Provide the rich culture of Uganda the Pearl of Africa.
  3. YCWM Gallery: Makes beautiful jewelry and beads like Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Bangles and many more products
  4. Event and Usher services: We can also be hired to provide ushers for functions, Make program booklets, Cards, guest list and invitations, so that the whole occasion can be memorable,
  5. Savings and credit scheme: YCWM also promotes savings and credit schemes among the youth community. Each week members are encouraged to save with the ALPHA SACCO.
  6. Youth empowerment: YCWM members act as Peer Educators promoting positive lifestyle and safe environment for the Youths and Community. Areas of Focus being HIV/AIDS protection, STDs, peer counselors, promoting Education
  7. YCWM Clubs: In Schools/Institutions focusing on Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health with main focus on HIV/AIDS, life choices and Vocational Skills Youth discuss issues through Debates, dramas, and Music on Challenges facing the Young Generations.
  8. Food & clothing: The Young Catholic Workers’ Mbuya provides a food basket program to low-income and poor residents in the community. Clothes and food items are received from well-wishing Community members and distributed to vulnerable groups

The Executive of YCWM

  1. Chairperson                                       Ateng Robert Obace
  2. Vice Chairperson                              Ariim Angeline Theodora
  3. Secretary                                            Amony Mercy Nicole
  4. Deputy Secretary                               Ainembabazi Olivia
  5. Treasurer                                             Maiyo Wilson
  6. Mobilizer                                              Kerunen Emmanuel
  7. General Duties                                    Lutwa Joseph
  8. Welfare/Logistics                                Yoningom Francis Odoch
  9. Membership Coordinator                   Ekurutoi Herbert Orena
  10. Deputy Membership coordinator       Arach Stella
  11. Performance Coordinator                  Okech Ronald
  12. Art and Craft/Events                           Kilama Kelvin
  13. Newsprint and Publications               Ojilong Ronald
  14. SACCO and Women Coordinator    Mukama Goretti

For support and donations

When you Join with Young Catholic Workers Mbuya and make a Donation, You help to Support all our efforts. Your Generous Gift will be used to help Young Catholic Workers Movement (YCWM) – Mbuya engage in all our work.

You can be a part by:

  • Making a Financial Donation to any of the projects
  • Providing Food and Clothes for the vulnerable groups
  • Encouraging the Young Catholics to Join the Organization
  • Promoting a wide range of our Services and Products to friends and potential clients
  • Financial Donations are processed according to our internal procedures and guidelines for Donors and Friends of YCWM- Mbuya. The Finance Committee supervises Spending and keeps accurate financial records.

Please contact us:

Young Catholic Workers Movement (YCWM) - Mbuya

Robert Ateng

YCWM – Mbuya Chairperson



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Sunday Masses

Luganda: 7:30 am.  English: 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 5;00 pm.

Crowd possible, please don't be late! May God bless you!

About Our Church

Welcome to Our Lady of Africa Parish Mbuya. We are located near Bugolobi Township in Nakawa Division. It is about 5 kms from the City Centre of Kampala. Mbuya Catholic Parish is a vibrant and diverse community made up of people from different parts of Uganda. We welcome you warmly and joyfully.

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