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The Power of Prayer – real life testimony from a parent

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Last Sunday, Christians that prayed the 11 O'clock mass at our Lady of Africa Mbuya where touched by a testimony from the family of Mr. and Mrs. Deus Banturakia who were given chance by Fr. Paulino Mondo to share with the entire church as they celebrated the mass in thanksgiving to God for saving their daughter's life after a very fatal accident.

Rhina Nankunda a pupil of St. kizito Primary School Bugolobi was knocked by a taxi at kitintale and then hospitalized for 3 months at International Hospital Kampala.

Rhina was saved by one of the passengers whom Mr. Deus compared to the good Samaritan in the Bible. This passenger even after the taxi had moved a distance and the driver run away, came back to check on the girl. The girl who was then in a state of coma and ignored by most passersby was rushed by this good Samaritan to Bugolobi Medical Centre. The good Samaritan whom the parents up to now don’t know his whereabouts was almost arrested while in hospital mistaking him to be the one who knocked the girl. He was only defended and saved by the bodaboda man who dropped them to Hospital.

It had rained that evening, and Rhina had taken long to reach home. The parents were relaxed knowing that the rain could have held her at school. There was no way the medical team could get in touch with them or any relative, but luckily enough, the class teacher of Rhina, Teacher Justine had written her name and contact in one of her exercise books. The class teacher was then called and immediately she informed the school and the school nurse later checked through the records called the parents after which she rushed to the hospital to see the girl.

Rhina was later referred by Bugolobi Medical Centre and rushed using a standby ambulance to International Hospital Kampala when the parents arrived. Examinations at IHK were done and they found that the brain had moved hence putting her in the coma state.

On reaching IHK, she was immediately rushed and put to the intensive care unit. For one and a half month, she was admitted in this unit in the comma state and was paralysed. Mr. Deus got concerned and decided to ask for the truth out of the doctors. The doctors said the state was so critical and there was almost no hope of healing. If she was to heal, then it would be gradual but chances are that she would never walk and would lose her memory. The parents however still believed that their daughter being young, would still recover to her normal state

The miracles and prayers

This pushed the parents of Rhina into intensive prayer and through the hospital invited priests from Rubaga to come and pray. They also requested prayers from some reverend sisters. The Parents also did pray through the Late Brother Mukajanga to help save the life of their daughter.

Rhina’s dad one day was given prayers and asked to pray after midnight. The next morning, after cleaning and dressing her up, she was able to move her leg.

On the same day, he went to attend a retreat in Namugongo, and while there, he prayed to God for another miracle. On his way back to Hospital, while moving in a taxi, he decides to call his daughter who was looking after Rhina to find out the situation. The daughter then told him that she could move her fingers and was able to count from one up to four after her mother asked her to count.

Mr. Deus attributed his daughter's ability to come out of the dangerous critical state to the continuous prayers they had together with the entire community. Though the doctors had said that she would never regain her memory, one of the first things that happened as she started recovering was regaining her memory. This to Deus showed the power of prayer.

Currently, Rhina understands everything and was able to join us on Sunday for the thanksgiving mass. She is able to read and write and the school sends her exercises to do each week. Rhina’s parents now pray that she heals so that she can go back to school next year.

They thanked the entire Church community, St. Kizito Primary Bugolobi most especially the headmistress and friends for the support they extended during their daughter's stay in hospital. For the three months they were in hospital, they never ran short of food and did not spend any coin.

As he concluded, he quoted the bible verse that says, “Ask and you will be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you.”

“If there is anybody who has lost hope, everything is possible with God.” He said

As a community, we continue to pray for this family and our dear student Rhina that she may regain back her health and be able to continue with her normal life. We pray for her through our Mother Mary, Our Lady of Africa.

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