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Nov 26, 2016 Written by  Fr. Paulino Twesigye Mondo

what is advent


When this year began, some of us could easily share in these assumptions: The year is so long; will it soon come to completion? I have started the year with some difficult, how will its end look like?  I have some objectives to achieve, will I sure succeed? Some members of my family seem determined to be an obstacle, will all continue like this? I have started happy and I want to end the year on the same note, will I sustain this hope? All these and some other situations could be part of our luggage in your mind until now. Not withstanding this, the year is concluding and soon this year will be recorded history.

The period of advent and Christmas though give each person of good will a chance to evaluate what has been experienced and see where to catch up. It is important to avoid entering another year with arrears of this year. It does not matter which aspect is heavier; social, spiritual, political, personality character, job, school, family or age development. It is fundamental to clean up the compound of our lives since the opportunity is present.

What does advent mean to you and me today?

Traditionally it is the Christian’s preparation of the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. These are the days that express the fundamental position of God’s love for humanity. The first and second coming of Jesus Christ is clearly expressed in this event. Advent does not mainly lead us to a feast but a transformation. Christmas is the coming of Jesus Christ in our situations. It is clear that Jesus has historically come and his plan of action is already being fulfilled since the past 2000 years.

Why should he come again year after year?

It is because of you that he does that. For you, one year may be a small deal because it starts and quickly it gone. May be because you are so busy to realize the movement of time; or because you are too old that you care less about the movement of chronological history. May be you happen to be sick that you live in your own world. You may as well be too lucky, so happy, very beautiful or handsome that you feel less the conflicts of life. In all these circumstances Jesus comes to assure us that God still accompanies the whole of creation. Jesus wants to be present in cheerful and sad events of our lives. With the young, Jesus is a youth and with adults he is a mature person. With the miserable he shares there mistreatment and with the well off he is the son of God.

Do you know that Jesus is present in all that happens in your world?

He is present in all those who offer true consoling solutions to the poor, desolate and the desperate. He is with all those offering new ideas in peace building. He is in every word of love and reconciliation. Christmas is an occasion for us to recognize this presence; yet the question arises: -Are we ready to recognize this and abide by the message? -Do we know how to perceive him in the small details of our lives? Some may even be scared that his message may upset them by demanding a radical transformation of tendencies and habits. In case you are afraid of true salvation; you would rather keep in hiding until Christmas has passed. 

In what ever situation you may be in, accept Jesus to come to be born in you and with you. It is Jesus who comes to tell you and assure you that true and good life is possible. See what is happening around us when Christmas is delayed by the inconsistency in our lives: The scourge fearless deceases which include Ebola, Marburg, HIV/AIDS and malaria will keep on upper grading in their desire to kill because discipline has give way to pleasure. Murder in our cities, towns and villages is in the daily news because love has give way to greed. Insecurity dominates our political agenda because no one wants to be his brother’s keeper.  Do you know that also governance may fail because of the individual’s self centeredness? Without Jesus among us, life is a nightmare because many will wed but fail to keep the promise.

People will work hard but reap poverty and misery at a daily basis.

The children will be born and end up on the streets.

The schools will be built only to be places of prepare criminals and careless citizens who are educated in indiscipline. Car will be bought and driven only to become death traps.

Babies will be conceived in laughter only to be eliminated in tears. The Churches will be build but without Jesus in them they become places of manipulation for the promised miracles that are a Quack. Such tendencies prove why Christmas is necessary among the people of today. Let this Christmas make a difference in your life now.

What is needed so as to make Christmas be what it is supposed to be?

  • This is the time to evaluate my personal life and events. Time is events on the move that I can not just let go unattended.
  • I am growing up well and fulfilling my commitments?
  • Is my faith in God of any value?
  • Does the gospel message still guide me?
  • Does prayer bring joy in my life and activities?

What can I do to make Christmas meaning full?

  • Wake up, its time for intensive prayer.
  • Walk in the light; its time to say no to sin. Accept to be born again.
  • Your new history of salvation can start being written now. Risk and start a fresh.

Which way can I chose to profit from this holy season?

  • Prayer individually and in community
  • Recite the ANGELUS daily
  • Pray the Holy Rosary. With Mother Mary we expect the savior.
  • Live the sacraments, more so the Eucharist and Reconciliation.
  • Make resolutions for the new year.
  • Sacrifice and save for the need of the community and provide them some Christmas
  • Be attentive to the bible readings at any time and every where.


Christmas is glory to God in the highest and peace to the people of good will. Christmas is evangelization. This is the irreversible event between God and humanity.  Jesus is to be born in my city (my life) now to put order my confusion. At times I may be too busy, human and traffic jam, lights may be off, garbage in all the corners, the water may be dry in my taps. Advent asks me to provide time for the essentials of my life. Allow Jesus to pull down those barriers that have blocked you from living a dignified life. He alone can fill the valleys of your history. He can solve the problems that give you sleepless nights. What is requested from you is to accept a life of simplicity; to agree that you can be born again. Keep awake therefore, and open the doors of your being for Jesus to enter. His gifts to you are new life expressed in a human person worthy a living.


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