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Aug 26, 2013 Written by 

You ought to have a role model Be the first to comment!

Most of the times, we are caught between a rock and a hard place thinking over who we need in our lives. Today, I think we are blessed with so much that we are often spoilt for choice. However, the parish day did open a number of eyes to aid us in this search that seems endless.

The day that started with the rebirth of the church choir a combination of all the choirs was one to reckon not missing. Well, if you missed, then you missed a great deal. But more good things are yet to come. The expectation of the church not being enough was one to confirm.

 The church was filled to capacity and like the Rt. Rev. Bishop Cristopher Kakooza said, “it is better to make a church in your heart”. I believe many of you prayed at home and that does not count much if only you had the church at heart. “Embrace our lady and love Mother Mary as our own earthly mother”, the Archbishop encouraged.

 The fact that a parent gives all that the children requests for, mother Mary does even more; she gives everything at the cost of your patience. We are called to look onto her for anything. To say the occasion was colorful is underrating, it was exceptionally adorned and adored by everyone. With six couples attaining the sacrament of Holy matrimony, a number of children confirmed, the presence of our priests, and our visitors, the function was one to be proud of. 

Rev. Fr. John Mungereza our parish priest encouraged the congregation to understand the joy of being faithful each day. “Mbuya parish is a vibrant community where you come and drink the water of life”. Well, as Fr. Paulino Mondo says, you need to off load yourselves, “do not be attached to only earthly things”. It is worth to get a role model; Mother Mary is not a costly model to have so think twice before you get a model. And just maybe your well gets empty, just remember I may just be here. God Bless!

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Beatrice Akite

I am a literature teacher passionate about serving the community through charity. At Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church I participate in the Choir, read Church announcements, and mentor young children to grow in faith. As the Assistant Public Relations Officer of the Youth Apostolate, I mobilise the youth and create strong networks.


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