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Jul 11, 2014 Written by 

Best Practices in Adolescent Faith Formation Be the first to comment!

The best practices in adolescent faith formation described in this essay demonstrate that congregations can make a significant difference in the faith lives of young people—today and into their adult lives.

“Even with a heightened sense of personal autonomy, even in these times when “believing and belonging” for many Americans means something individual, expressive, and noninstitutional, religious traditions attract and hold teens in new and powerful ways.

Teens tend to choose faith when they live in families that “talk the walk” and ‘walk the talk.’ Moreover, church-related teens are most likely to ‘grow up into Christ’ when they belong to congregations that have learned to convey unchanging, eternal truths within a changing ‘culture of choice.’”(Lytch, 14) The National Study on Youth and Religion (see Soul Searching) confirms the impact of congregational efforts to nurture adolescent faith.

“It appears that the greater the supply of religiously grounded relationships, activities, programs, opportunities, and challenges available to teenagers, other things being equal, the more likely teenagers will be religious engaged and invested.

Religious congregations that prioritize ministry to youth and support for their parents, investing trained and skilled youth group leaders, and make serious efforts to engage and teach adolescents seem much more likely to draw youth into their religious lives and to foster religious and spiritual maturity in their young members. ...when it comes to youth, religious congregations...generally “will get back what they invest” and normally not a lot more.” (Smith, 261-62) What should congregations do to promote the faith maturity of young people?

This essay describes best practices for adolescent faith formation drawn primarily from three recent research studies on youth ministry and adolescent faith formation: Choosing Church (Carol Lytch), Effective Practices for Dynamic Youth Ministry (Thomas East, et al.), and the Exemplary Youth Ministry Project.

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