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Jul 11, 2014 Written by 

Seven Principles of Contemplative Youth Ministry Be the first to comment!

There are seven developed principles , and corresponding practices, to describe a contemplative approach to youth ministry that guides the spiritual development of youth.

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. A contemplative approach to youth ministry is grounded in a Christian community committed to the sacred balance between work and rest. A life that honors Sabbath rest helps us to be more in touch with our heart and soul, more aware of the Spirit of God and more available for relationships of love.


A contemplative approach to youth ministry is rooted in desire for intimacy with

God in Christ through a life of prayer. We practice and teach many forms of prayer but

are particularly committed to regular periods of contemplative prayer in order to be healed, inspired and guided by the power of the Holy Spirit. (People) commit to practice

contemplative prayer with scripture each day as well as at regular times with their community.

Covenant Community.

A contemplative approach to youth ministry is practiced within a covenant community of Christian disciples. . . . we encourage, support and practice small covenant groups who sense a common call to spiritual growth through Christian living and ministry to young people. (People) commit to meeting regularly in covenant communities for sharing,prayer, Scripture study and discernment in the service of their ministry to young people.


A contemplative approach to youth ministry is focused on discipleship through the accompaniment of young people. . . . we seek to initiate young persons into mature Christian faith through relationships with elders who join them in living the way of authentic discipleship. . . They offer youth friendship, guidance and listening hearts as they make the passage through adolescence into spiritual maturity, “to the measure of the full stature of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).


A contemplative approach to youth ministry is guided by discernment. We practice and teach the disciplines of individual and group discernment so as to be fully available and responsive to the movement of God’s grace in our covenant communities, allowing anxiety-driven youth ministry to become Spirit-led youth ministry. (People) seek to learn and practice the spiritual disciplines of discernment as the basis for opening, listening and responding to God’s call in youth ministry.


A contemplative approach to youth ministry seeks to welcome, bless and joyfully integrate all young people into the whole church community. . . . we seek the full inclusion of young people and the many gifts they bring into every dimension of church life: worship, teaching, proclamation, fellowship and service.

Authentic Action.

A contemplative approach to youth ministry seeks to engage youth and adults in authentic actions that reflect God’s mercy, justice and peace. Communal practices of Sabbath, prayer, discernment and accompaniment find their fulfillment in actions with youth that make visible the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


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