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Fare thee well Fr. Joseph Archetti Be the first to comment!

FATHER Joseph Archetti, has left a great impact to the Our Lady of Africa Church Mbuya community, and most especially Reach Out Mbuya Parish HIV/AIDS Initiative,

His journey in Uganda started a month after independence in 1962,
“We don’t choose where we go. When I finished school in 1962, my superiors sent me to Uganda,” he said.Fr. Joseph

Aged 28, Archette then headed to Uganda for an evangelism mission under the Comboni Missionaries. As a priest, his duty was to look after the faithful, where he settled.

When you go to a place, you look around and assess the needs of the people in the area. And this is what Fr. Archetti did; Father has left an indelible mark on the people of Mbuya, in the suburbs of Kampala.

He started the Reach Out HIV/AIDS clinic, which has grown to serve thousands of clients in Mbuya and Kasaala in Luwero district. He often visited parishioners in their homes, encouraging them to care for one another.

He solicited funds for the clinic, while passionately communicating the message of caring for the sick

The biggest boost to the clinic came in 2003, when it started receiving PEPFAR funds. On getting the funds, the clinic started paying fees for HIV/AIDS orphans. Many children are benefiting from this project today.

“I am leaving Uganda for good. I am leaving a happy man, he said at the time he was leaving for Italy.

Fr. Joseph 2Fr. Archetti, an Italian national, always interacted with the locals in Luganda and conducted mass in Luganda.

Fr. Archetti was also instrumental in transforming St. Kizito secondary and primary schools in Bugolobi.

“He was our father and mother. He brought hope to many of us, who had given up on life.

He will be missed,” Rose Namisango, a beneficiary, said.

Archetti had served in several places, including northern Uganda. His perspective towards challenges was quite overwhelming and this gave hope even where there was no visible solution.

He dedicated his monthly allowance to construct clinics. He always walked to Namugongo on June 3 in memory of his first visit to Uganda. He arrived in Uganda on June 2 and the following day, he trekked to Namugongo.

About Fr. Joseph Archetti

Fr. Archetti was born in 1934 inBarescia, north Italy, a strong Catholic stronghold. His conviction to take on the calling of priesthood started at a tender age.

A parish priest in his area inspired him. And when the priest passed on in 1944, Archetti went to the seminary in 1945.
In 1960, he was ordained priest, aged 26. Two years later in 1962, he arrived in Uganda, armed with a Bible and his devotion to spread the gospel.

He first settled in Luwero, where he served as parish priest for seven years.

In 1969, he was transferred to Katikamu parish in Luwero, still as a parish priest.

In 1977, he travelled to Belgium for further studies. Although there was political instability in Uganda at the time, he returned two years later and headed to Gulu Catechist Training Centre

The centre was closed in 1985, He spent three years at the centre, before travelling to Italy for a one-year training course in preparation for another calling.

After a year in Italy, he returned to Uganda and served in Namugongo, before heading to Mbuya in 1997, where he had lived till he time he had to leave for Italy.

Fr. Archetti attributed his successful stay in Uganda and achievements to the communities, where he worked.

“All the achievements are fruits of the collaboration between the Comboni Missionaries and the Christian communities,” he said.

Some of Fr. Archetti’s works in Uganda
Kasaala (Luwero District) 1962 to 1969
Coordinated about 30 bush schools left by the White Fathers missionaries (Running the school and buying scholastic materials)

Organised the celebration of the canonisation of the Uganda Martyrs in October 1964 and prepared marriage of 84 couples for that occasion

Katikamu (Wobulenzi ) 1969 to 1977
Celebration of the Catholic church jubilee of the year 1975. He mobilised 21 Christians (both Catholics and Anglicans) to visit Rome.

Gulu Catechist training Centre (1979 to 1987)
Trained catechists from Gulu, Hoima, Arua, Lira and Karamoja

Namugongo (1989-1997) Was the in-charge and served as a formator for the novices

Our Lady of Africa Catholic Church Mbuya (September 1997 to 2009)

Served as parish Priest
Took up the development of St. Kizito Secondary School, which was began by Fr. Mario Imperial.
Together with the Christian Community and Dr. Margrethe Junker, they set up Reach Out Mbuya Parish HIV/AIDS Initiative in May 2001.

Began with only 14 clients but now serves thousands of clients and cares for thousands orphans and vulnerable children from Mbuya Parish.

Built churches in Kinawataka, Banda and finally St. Zuria Catholic sub parish Church, in Giza Giza Community, which was officially opened on May 31, 2009.

Built clinics at Mbuya, Kinawataka and Banda
He  brought the HIV/AIDS services closer to the people in Mbuya Parish and later the Reach Out programme expanded to support the St. Andrews Clinic Kasaala.

There will be a requiem mass to celebrate the life of Fr. Joseph on Monday, 21st July, 2014 at 6pm.

Source: compiled by Ojilong Ronald based on an article published in the New Vision in 2009

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Ronald Ojilong

I have so much attraction to the service of the church which i do so passionately. All my life, i have lived in the service of the Lord especially through singing in Church and this is my passion, I attribute all this to the foundation i got in my Primary school, St. Kizito Primary School which moulded me to love church service. Here, find reflections to improve your faith, I also invite you to join us at Mbuya and praise the lord. You'll love being part of our community. 

I also invite you to promote this, our Parish website that gives us global outlook to enable us reach and evangilize to millions all around the world. You may do this through promoting the site to all your friends and families online and you may also donate to this project through the office of the Parish priest to enable us upgrade and keep uptodate with the Latest technologies.

May the Good Lord keep and bless you all the days of your life.

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