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Aug 16, 2014 Written by 

THE PARISH DAY 17th August 2014 – THE ASSUMPTION OF OUR LADY. Be the first to comment!

Theme; Tutabagane era tubeere benkanya tufune emirembe egya Nnamaddala.

              Seek reconciliation and peace to obtain true peace.


Welcome remarks

Your Grace Archbishop Michael Blume, the Apostolic Nuncio to Uganda, the Rev. Fathers, the Religious, the Catechists, the seminarians, the Leaders on the Pastoral Council of the Parish, the Leaders of our Institutions, the Board members of St. Kizito Secondary School, the Board Members of Reachout, the Management of St. Kizito Primary School, the Management Committee of St. Dorcas Tailoring School, Government Leaders present, all the Visitors and all of you my Brothers and Sisters, the Christians of Mbuya. I welcome you and congratulate you on our parish Day as we celebrate our Patron Saint, Our lady, the most Blessed Virgin Mary. All of you, the young and old, congratulations!


This is a day of thanksgiving to God. Your Grace Archbishop Michael, we thank you wholeheartedly for having accepted to come and celebrate with us this great event . Your presence as our Shepherd fills our hearts with great joy today. The Assumption of our lady fills us with hope and encourages us along the way still remaining before we reach heaven. Seeing the happy conclusion of the Blessed Virgin Mary,s life, we understand the joy of being faithful each day. We realize that the struggle to say yes to the Lord is meaningful and fruitful.

The death of Fr.Mario Imperial and Fr.Joseph Archetti

It has been a difficult year for us to lose our dear Fathers in a short time. We shall miss them but they have left a good example in our midst of commitment, service and love. We pray for them and they will pray for us. May their souls rest in Eternal Peace.



The cornerstone of this church was blessed by Pope Paul V1 on his first historical visit to Africa in 1969. On completion the church was later consecrated by his Eminence Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga in 1970 and it was given the title of our Lady of Africa meaning that it is under the patronage and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary whom we celebrate today.

However, although the Church was consecrated in 1970, the records show that people were being Baptised in this place by 1964. That is why we have erected a big Cross to celebrate 50years of the faith in Mbuya and the jubilee of the canonization of the Uganda Martyrs. In this Parish we have 7 Subparishes Namely Banda,Kinawataka, St. Julia, Nakawa, Kiswa, Bugolobi and Mbuya Centre. However the main ones are Banda, Kinawataka and St.Julia. We have 4 institutions Namely St. Kizito Primary School Bugolobi, St. Kizito Secondary School Bugolobi, St. Dorcas Tailoring and Reachout. I would like to thank the distinguished Parishioners who have accepted to serve as Board members of these institutions. We thank you with all our heart. We thank especially the Headmistress of St. kazoo P.S Sr. Mary Acayo, Headteacher of St. Kizito S.S Bugolobi, Sr. Bonny Ngabirano, the Sr. Incherge of St. Dorcas Sr. Elizabeth Ayaa,  and the Executive Director of ROM Dr. Betty Kintu.

I would like to thank the Head Catechist and Catechist of Banda Mr. Nsubuga Lawrence, the Catechist of Kinawataka, Ms.Nakayondo Josephine, the Catechist of St.Julia, Mr. Deo Kagombe and the other Catechists for the good and silent work they do with total commitment. I express my gratitude to the Sabakristu Mr. Mugyenyi Thomas and the entire pastoral council members for their support and service. Our Catechists who teach catechism, we are grateful to the service that you give to the Church. To all of you Parishioners of Mbuya thank you indeed for the love you show to your parish in different ways.

The religious.

Our Parish is blessed by a good presence of the religious . We have the presence of the evangelizing Sisters of Mary, the little sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu, the Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church, the Comboni Sisters, the Sacred heart Sisters, the Guadalupana Servants of Christ the Priest. Also we are grateful for the presence of the Focolare and the Lay Comboni Missionaries for the witness that live in our midst.

The Lay Apostolate Movements

 Notable in our parish are the lay apostolate movements that do a commendable work of witness. The legion of Mary, the charismatic renewal, the Neochatechumenal way, the choirs, the Altar servers, the women’s Guild. We thank all of you for the good apostolate that you do in the Parish.

The Sacraments

We thank God for the Parishioners that have made a step in their spiritual journey this year. We particularly congratulate the children who have celebrated the sacrament of confirmation today and all those who have celebrated the sacraments of baptism, Holy Communion and Matrimony this year. We thank the Parents who encouraged you and the Catechists who patiently shared their faith with you.

Baptism ………783

Holy Communion…210


Holy Matrimony…128

Projects of the Parish

St. Kizito Primary School started in 1987 has 950 children, 47 teachers & 22 support staff.

St. Kizito Secondary School started in 1997 has 913 students,45 teachers & 26 support staff.

Reachout Mbuya started in 2001 has 167 staff, 6000 clients and supporting about 1900 children in different Schools.

St. Dorcas Tailoring School started in 2009 and with 17 students & 6 staff.

Jesus of Mbuya(Yezu Owembuya) that started in July 2013 is nearing completion.

Radio House(Comboni House) started in september 2013 and is nearing Completion.

Banda Priests House about to start and a fundraising soon to be announced.


We thank you all for supporting the Parish financially. May the good Lord reward you for your generosity.

Sunday Collection Mbuya 129,847,700
Banda 7,033,250
Kinawataka  5,893,250 
St. Julia       4,404,800
The sacraments 15,915,000
The Tithe  35,602,000
The Schools 1,300,000
Grotto of our Lady 936,000
TOTAL  Ugx200,959,000
DIOCESE  10%   14,462,715
SAAFU 3,723,000                                                    


  • No prayer life in most families.
  • Domestic Violence in many families.
  • The sacrament of confession has been abandoned by many Christians.
  • The recent destruction of unplanned homes in Nakawa has affected some of our Christians.
  • Poverty and unemployment.
  • Vocations to religious life are lacking.
  • Materialism is undermining the faith.
  • Syncretism and witchcraft.

what we hope to do in the coming year

  • Finish the projects that are ongoing.
  • Start to build the Priests House at Banda.
  • Strengthen the teaching of Catechism.
  • Renovate the Fathers House of Mbuya.
  • Renovate the gutter system of the Church.


I Would like to conclude by thanking all of you Parishioners on this day when our Lady was taken to heaven. I once again congratulate the children who have celebrated the sacrament of Confirmation. I would like on behalf all to thank  Archbishop Michael,the Apostolic Nuncio to Uganda for accepting to come and celebrate with us the Parish Day and for accepting to give the sacrament of Confirmation to the Children.

May the good Lord protect you and bless you.

Your servants.

Fr. John Mungereza           Fr. Paulino Twesigye Mondo                    Mr. Thomas Mugyenyi

Parish Priest.                        Curate.                                                Ssabakristu.


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Fr John Mungereza

As the Parish Priest Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church, I am responsible for serving the community. I ensure that the Mbuya Catholic community is vibrant and God fearing. I call upon you to join me in achieving this role. Together, we can make a big difference. 


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