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Dec 29, 2014 Written by 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2015 Be the first to comment!

Dear Friends and Parishioners!

Let us all rejoice in the Lord, for our savior has been born in the world. Today true peace has come down to us from heaven.

Long ago there lived a wise and good king who loved his people. He wanted to know how they lived and wanted particularly to know about their hardships. Disguised and dressed in the clothes of a beggar, he used to visit the homes of the poor. No one whom he visited ever guessed he was their ruler.

 Once he visited a very poor man who lived in a small hut. He ate the beans and maize the poor man ate and he spoke cheerful, kind words to him and left. Later when he visited the poor man again, he disclosed his identity saying, “I am your king!”  The king thought the man would surely ask for some favor, but he did not. Instead the poor man said, you left your palace and your glory to visit me in this dark and dirty place. You ate the beans and maize I ate. You brought joy to my heart. To others you have given your rich gifts but to me you have given yourself.

This is the true meaning of Christmas. God could not give us a better and greater gift than Himself. Today many people are searching for God in distant places, in Shrines and pilgrimage centers thinking God would be found right there. The birth of Jesus gives us all together a different message. God in search of his people. The God whom we seek, is coming to us in search of us. Jesus is not a distant God who lives in a faraway place. He is not an unapproachable God like the God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob( Gen32:30) He is not God who frightens us . He is Emmanuel, God who is with us.

The birth of Jesus is a reminder that God has not forgotten us. “God loved the world so much that he gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not die but may have eternal life” (Jn 3: 16). Thus, Christmas is essentially the greatest sacrifice of God. There is no sacrifice without love. The divine motive for the incarnation is the unfathomable love of God. It must have pained God to sacrifice his only Son for us, knowing well what life would hold in store for Him. If God was willing to sacrifice for our sake, we in turn have an equal responsibility towards Him. We must love God as Jesus loved us.

The theologian Origen remarked, “Of what use would it be if Jesus came to this world and did not come to my heart”. Therefore the ideal way to celebrate Christmas is to make room for the Saviour in this world and in our lives. Christmas is not a time or season as we normally pronounce but a state of mind. To have the real state of Christmas is to love, to share and be at peace with God and others. When you open our hearts to the lonely and broken hearted and extend a helping hand to the poor and the sick, we will have the spirit of Christmas and experience the words of the angels who sang, “Peace to all of good will.” In Bethlehem they did not want to receive Christ. Today many people do not want to receive him.

Dear friends let us rejoice in the Lord, for our savior is born into the world. That is the announcement full of sweetness. Let us set out to contemplate and adore Jesus, for we all need Him. During these days of Christmas, we sing with exultation because love will be among us till the end of time. The presence of the child Jesus is love among men. The world is no longer a place of darkness. Those who seek for love know where to find it. It is essentially love that each man needs, even those who claim to be fully satisfied. Let us make up our minds to become like little children so as to enter one day into the kingdom of heaven. As we contemplate the image of the child Jesus, let us thank God for having wanted to come down to us so that we could understand him and love him. In brief Christmas is to LOVE so love as many people as possible, Christmas is to SHARE, share with as many people as possible, Christmas is PEACE, be at peace with God and with the brothers and sisters.

I wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year 2015.

Fr. John Mungereza Mccj

Parish Priest mbuya.

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Fr John Mungereza

As the Parish Priest Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church, I am responsible for serving the community. I ensure that the Mbuya Catholic community is vibrant and God fearing. I call upon you to join me in achieving this role. Together, we can make a big difference. 


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