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Aug 12, 2017 Written by  Rev. Fr. John Mungereza

Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Parish - Parish Day 2017 Be the first to comment!

Dear Parishioners, with love and gratitude to God our Father I congratulate you upon this year’s Parish day and I thank you for your generosity and support to this parish. Indeed God has been good in all ways. Our Parish has continued to be a source of life and energy for thousands of pilgrims who come to Mbuya Parish. May all glory be to God our loving and caring Father.

People who have received the sacraments 2016 - 2017

  1. Baptism……………………..619 infants & 71 adults.
  2. First Holy Communion…..191
  3. Confirmation……………….197
  4. Matrimony………………….130

Finances: income 2016 -2016

  1. Offertory Mbuya                           220,527,350=
  2. Offertory Kinawataka                       7,752,800=
  3. Offertory Banda                               9,415,400=
  4. Offertory St. Julia                            9,767,500=
  5. Baptism                                           3,135,000=
  6. Holy Communion                                955,000=
  7. Confirmation                                       985,000=
  8. Christmas Envelopes                        6,251,000=
  9. Easter Envelopes                              4,212,000=
  10. Tithe                                              105,202,700=
  11. Holy Matrimony                              13,000,000=
  12. St. Kizito Schools offertory               2,340,000=
  13. Grotto                                               4,118,200=
  14. Holy Cross                                       5,640,000=

      Total                                            393,301,950=

Diocesan collections  2016- 2017

1.Caritas                                            2,200,000=

2.Mission Sunday                              1,811,800=

3.Vocations Sunday                           2,481,400=

4.Holy Childhood                               1,234,700=

5.Communications day                         500,000=

6.Holy land                                            855,000=

7.SAAFU                                          10,699,000=

8.10% to Diocese                              28,011,500=

      Total                                            47,793,400=  

Projects done 2016 – 2017

  1. Girls dormitory at St. Kizito Secondary School                         
  2. TATA Buses for St. Kizito Primary School   
  3. New Water borne toilet at St. Kizito Primary School Bugolobi                                                              
  4. New Administration Offices at St. Kizito Primary school                              
  5. New toilet at St. Julia Church
  6. New toilet at Reach out Mbuya
  7. New Grotto at St. Kizito Secondary School
  8. New toilet at Lidia Macchi Centre
  9. New Grotto at St. Julia Church
  10. Priests House at Banda… (Ongoing)


  1. Sense of belonging to a Christian community or a parish is very weak.
  2. Unemployment is high.
  3. Poverty is everywhere.
  4. Sickness especially HIV/AIDS continues to affect people.
  5. The Catholic values are being undermined by Secularism and Pentecostal churches.
  6. The Understanding of the faith is very shallow for most Catholics.
  7. No prayer life in most catholic families. The TV culture has taken over.
  8. Saving culture is poor and people spend more than they earn.
  9. Few Catholics support the Church by paying the tithe.

Lay Apostolate movements in the Parish

  1. Legion of Mary
  2. Neo Catechumenal Way
  3. Charismatic Renewal
  4. Catholic workers Movement
  5. Xaverians
  6. Altar Servers
  7. The Choirs
  8. The Women’s Guild
  9. Men’s Guild.
  10. Focolare Movement.

In conclusion, I thank our Guest of honor and main celebrant, the Archbishop for strengthening our faith with his presence. Your Grace, we pray that the good Lord keeps you healthy and strong. To all of you Parishioners, thank you for supporting the Parish in all ways. May Mother Mary, our patron saint, intercede for you and lead you to her son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Congratulations to you our dear children who have received the sacrament of Confirmation.  Thank you the Parents for encouraging the children and thank you all our catechists for preparing the children so well for the Sacraments. Our appreciation also goes to the organizing committee of this Parish day and all of you who have contributed and participated actively. The Choir members thank you for the beautiful singing that made the liturgy exceptional. Thank you and May the good Lord bless you all.


Your Servants!


Fr. John Mungereza    Fr.Paulino Twesigye Mondo   Mr. Thomas  Mugyenyi

     Parish Priest                 Assistant Parish Priest                 Ssabakristu


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