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Jan 6, 2014 Written by 

Know which foot to use to kick start 2014 Be the first to comment!

Well it’s that time of the year again when one is asked about their resolutions and one can only resolve to look back at what one failed to resolve the previous year. Much as it is a tradition to set one, I have often failed to honour my resolutions because when I do, it usually comes unexpectedly and I only recall what was on the list at the beginning of the following. I am not saying setting resolutions is problematic and one should not do so. In fact, do it earnestly and energetically, remember forward stewards to the promised land.

Hmmm, I recalled one thing that swept me off my feet, Fr. Paulino Mondo is one youth whose vigour is more than the reaction of sodium to potassium though I think ammonia would top all if my Chemistry did not end in the laboratory. Well, for the young ladies and gents whose resolution is to get married this year, according to Fr. Pauilino, stop wasting time dreaming when there is no potential candidate. In fact, if you have never set your eyes on a lady or man, your resolution is as rusty. First, you need to get a boyfriend or girlfriend before you dream of marriage partners. In fact, Father emphasized why you should set that as your resolution if you haven’t yet resolved to get one. If things fail, then you could consider 2015.

And to my young mates who think Nickelodeon or kidsco is all that matters, it is not surprising to get, ‘I want Daddy to buy a DSTV’. Well that is easier said than done and it suits well if DSTV is not a replica of Zuku, Startimes, GOTV among others that are on the market and yet to come. This might add fuel to fire for no one who will stand watching in the house but will resolve to watch at the neighbours.

And there are the ‘focused’ people who know what they want. I say ‘focused’ because focus has become synonymous and we have become inseparable. These fellows talk of constructing a house, getting a new job and not last on the list is getting a car.

Now, when I am inspired by somebody, I usually cherish that spot for long before another sweeps me off my feet. As for a house, I haven’t seen a better one in my dream compared to the ones of Sudhir Ruparelia, Bebe cool, Chameleon or that TV personality you admire. Yes, it’s often a disease for us to admire unconsciously and relentlessly get back on track and shun whatever our personalities do. I wouldn’t start dreaming of Bebe’s house and yet I haven’t got a ‘mabati’ leave alone even know where cement ‘comes from’. Why then would I bother if I do not know whether it is to be a flat, shorty, double room, and single room or squared room or perhaps tripled room? I am always beaten on what to take as a better house because I find little pleasure in them. I just need a neat place where oxygen can penetrate freely in and out. The puzzling question is whether the huts in the villages are better in towns or whether I should have a bird house where I can operate the ocean from the roof top or whether I should resolve to sit at the lounge to refreshen in the night. Yes that’s the cost of a 35billion house, if the matrix did stick in my mind.

There are those of us who have set to leave our jobs even before getting another. Now this is like emulsion of your nose in hot water only to realize that it was cold. You hardly have a roof to your head; have a trail of dependants and run off your job like an escapee. Well others do it perfectly well like the professed night employees. I wouldn’t want to fall in this category, in fact words fail me the minute I open my brain to such hard work. And just in case I get one, I will let you know before your boss. This could be another topic of a four paged story.

The other thing is about cars. This is a tricky scenario especially in our community. It’s often top on the list. Unlike the house and job, with a car, one can tell what kind of person you are. I have seen many of the cars at church and along the road when my mind wallows on empty dreams. I’m usually engulfed by this one red, sweet car that men I think usually get for their hobbies as presents to show how sweet they are to them irrespective of the sugar levels. Well and all these have models and I guess expiry dates. Yes and there are those cars I saw at parliament well shaven, clean with transparent and tinted windows. These ones show class, county, village, tribe, hierarchy etc. Well those ones are always secluded and packed at particular places. Then there are the non-fuel cars. These travel on the road without fuel. Yes, some of you used them to the villages, for your private businesses, drop your children to school, drive the family for day outs and yes thanks to those government offices where you work, the government cars are worth the while and know the weather changes. I am meant to understand that they come in forms of the Range rover spot, BMW X-series, Lexus, Mercedes Benze, and Jeep among the Ugandan made. And, the company cars, Ford rangers of........I would like to mention the NGO cars. These have more merits than the people who use them. Well no matter the car, the bird-house you want to live in or that government or NGO job, the network you think of dropping.

Then there are most forgotten and important, the free ‘stylers’. These before they resolve to leave clubbing, drinking, and other activities and ‘just be there’ have fallen victims of their own prowess before March. What’s important is to know first where you are starting, to decipher which foot to use first.

Happy 2014.

Beatrice Akite

I am a literature teacher passionate about serving the community through charity. At Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church I participate in the Choir, read Church announcements, and mentor young children to grow in faith. As the Assistant Public Relations Officer of the Youth Apostolate, I mobilise the youth and create strong networks.


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