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Jan 9, 2014 Written by 

Reading and writing are inseparable if you make them Be the first to comment!

I just decided to venture on the lane for my writing. And I would like to tear out my heart concerning writing. Writing is one of those diuretic jobs that drain ones’ water out of the bodies before realizing how punched one has been. In fact, if you have pressure, it’s advisable to reduce the intake of writing or reading lest you lose it all. The passion for writing is like the movement of the whirl winds that when it comes, it sweeps one to the clouds. In fact, the whirl wind is a better comparison because with writing, one talks to oneself like a night ghost. Wake up in the night and do nothing but shun that boss who made your day a million times difficult or that ‘gu’ boy or girl whose glance at church you thought meant a thing or that guy or lady with an attire that made you think of increasing your wardrobe or actually that night star, morning starlet, eclipse, Mandela (R.I.P), priest, Sudan, accident and it goes on and on with your heart impulse increasing like that wet dream you had waking up thinking you were with ‘susu’ mates emptying the stomach only to realize you are static in the dream and soaked like a wet hen.


People write for different reasons. One category is to earn a living and seemingly get rich. The other is to be popular. Once a writer has seen their by-line, the heart melts, and that is all it matters. Things just happen. The other is to travel. These are usually visiting writers who facilitate different activities in and around their countries. One may want to know why I write. But honestly speaking, that question is even complex to me. I do not have one reason, for each time I have attained one, I proceed to the next and the vicious cycle continues. I am still on that inner such for the ego that makes these words flow from my soul to the head to the hands to the fingers to the paper or whatever I scribble on and finally to you reader.

Writing is diabetic; one feels the lack of sucrose in their blood levels but only to consume more torrents. Writing gets annoying sometimes because one has to act mad and be sane at the same time. Imagine, those talking fellows you see on the road. I guarantee you some are munching words that they are to re-produce. It’s no blame because it comes unwillingly and unconsciously.

If you are to research on the behaviours of drunkards, it’s better to start with writers. Some get too drunk with words that they look for their inspiration objects in nature, music, solemnity, spirituality, only to get knocked down and wallow back to zero. Evidently check their strides to know the type of drunkard writer. Oh by the way, with madness, it is from their hairs to the toes. Consider their hair and shoes and you will not miss the guess that one is a writer. However, many of us cannot do these things so sit back and start brooding that writing is for the few. In fact, some of you go as far as saying, ‘I did Literature, how come you write better than me’. Some even give up before they leave the wombs complaining of the long journey which you carry on to read like a snail complaining of the 500 pages.

Writing and reading are like husband and wife. One complements the other. Needs patience, time and principle which I belief you reader has but have only not crawled far enough to carry your weight. They can be for all if only you make an effort and practice. Surely, who says things are to be on a silver plata. What have you ever got for free and paid freely? Even the Bible tells us that we must toil and labour to harvest. So who are you to sit back and continue the scenario that if you want to keep something from many, put it in writing. I wouldn’t consider this a lie if there were many reads and comments but for the visible, we shall not place things in black and white. We shall leave it only in ‘blackite’.

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Beatrice Akite

I am a literature teacher passionate about serving the community through charity. At Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church I participate in the Choir, read Church announcements, and mentor young children to grow in faith. As the Assistant Public Relations Officer of the Youth Apostolate, I mobilise the youth and create strong networks.


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