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News and announcements at Our Lady of Africa Church, Mbuya. 

  1. Marriage Banns, click here
  2. Today 31st August 2014, the new Leaders of the parish will be elected starting at 10.30am inn the Parish hall.
  3. Those who would like to Baptize children during the month of September should come for instructions next Saturday the 6th September 2014. The instructions begin at 3.30pm.
  4. The daughters of St. Paul will be in our Parish next Sunday 7th September, 2014 for a book exhibition. Be prepared to buy Bibles, calendars, prayer books, CD’s, Dvd’s and many other faith building Materials.
  5. All the young people on holiday remember to come next Friday or a special blessing before you start your third term. The prayers begin at 5.00pm.
  6. The homily by Fr. Paulino Mondo, anouncements and marriage banns are on the website of the parish
  7. All those who would like to come back to the sacraments or belong to another religion and would like to become catholic should approach the priests so that they may be helped.
  8. The Leadership Magazine is being sold outside the church.
  9. Lost items that have been found and brought to the parish office
  • Passport belonging to AKELLO RACHEL
  • Academic papers belonging to ATWEBEMBERE EDMUND
  1. Marriage Banns
  2. We thank all those who participated in preparing for the parish day. May the Good Lord bless you abundantly.
  3. We are kindly asked and encouraged to support and participate in the National population census exercise that starts from 28th August to 6th September, 2014.
  4. The new Leaders of the Parish will be elected next Sunday 31st August 2014 starting at 10.30 a.m. All those who have been elected at the sub parish level are asked to attend this meeting. The current Parish council leaders are expected to attend the meeting.
  5. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal has organized a healing service today 24th August 2014, starting at 2.00pm. You are all invited.
  6. The new Traces Magazine by the Communion and Liberation Catholic Movement entitled ‘’Destiny has not left Man alone’’ is on sale outside church at a cost of Ugx2000 only.
  7. The youth retreat at the Vincentian prayer Centre Entebbe starts on Tuesday 26th August, 2014.
  8. The new Leadership Magazine is being sold outside the church.
  1.  Marriage banns.
  2. Today, there is the parish pastoral council meeting starting at 10.30a.m in the parish hall.
  3. There will be 3 days of prayer on the 13th, 14th and 15th August 2014 in preparation for the celebration of the parish day on 17th August, 2014. There also will be confessions after the morning mass every day.
  4. All the children who are to receive the sacrament of confirmation on Parish day  should come on Saturday 16th August 2014 for preparation and confessions starting at 8.00am.
  5. The Kampala Archdiocese Charismatic Renewal invites all Christians to a conference at Nkozi parish starting from the 18th August to 21st August, 2014. More details are on the notice board.
  6. The Soroti Catholic Diocese laity association invites all Christians from Soroti Diocese and well-wishers to contribute financially for the ordination of 7 priests and 3 Deacons that will take place next Saturday 16th August, 2014 at Immaculate Heart Cathedral Soroti. Mr. Gofrey Akol will receive your contributions under the shade in front of the church after mass.
  7. All Women are kindly asked to come for a meeting in preparation of the Parish Day on Tuesday 12th August, 2014 at 5pmhere at Mbuya.
  8. On Parish day, the program of masses will remain the same. However, the High mass will be celebrated by the Archbishop during the 11.00 O'clock mass.                                                                                                  
  9. We remind parents and children on holiday that catechism classes resume tomorrow 11th August, 2014 at St.Kizito Primary school Bugolobi.
  10. We remind all students on holiday to come for adoration every Friday evening starting at 5.30pm.
  11. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal Naguru Deanary has organized a 3 day’s youth conference that will start on the 15th to 17th August 2014 at Biina parish. The program will start every day from 8.30am to 5pm.
  12. DVD’s  about the life of the Uganda Martyrs are being sold outside the church at shs10,000.
  13. We thank all those who contributed last Sunday for the parish day. The second collection was shs2,861,000. (Two million eigt hundred and sixty one thousand shillings).
  14. All choir members who will sing on parish day are kindly asked to come for daily practice starting tomorrow Monday from 6pm to 7pm.
  15. The new leadership Magazine and Catholic News report are being sold outside the church. 


  1. Marriage Banns, click here
  2. Next Saturday 2nd August 2014 will be the first Instructions for parents who would like to baptize their children during the month of August. The instructions begin at 3.30pm. Parents and God parents must attend.
  3. The Christians from Kiswa- Kataza will elect their new leaders today 27th July, 2014 immediately after the 7.30am morning Mass in the parish hall.
  4. The Christians rom Bugolobi sub parish will elect new leaders today 27th July, 2014 after the 9.00am mass in the parish hall.
  5. All choir members of Mbuya Parish who would like to sing on the parish day are kindly asked to start the practice on Saturday the 2nd August, 2014 in the parish hall starting at 4.oopm. The one who will not come for practice will not sing on the Parish.
  6. Movies about the life of the Uganda Martyrs are being sold outside the church at 10,000/= only.
  7. The focolare meeting is today from 9am to 1pm at the Focolare centre.
  8. The healing service organized by the charismatic Renewal is today starting at 2.00pm.
  9. The Arua Diocese General Meeting is today at the Kindergarten Mbuya starting at 2.00pm.
  10. The Catechism classes are going on at St. Kizito Primary school every Saturday. Please Parents you are kindly asked to take your children.
  1. Marriage banns.
  2. The month of May is dedicated to our mother Mary. Let us pray the rosary daily individually and in our families.
  3. For those preparing to baptize their children during the month of May, should attend the 2nd Baptism instructions next Saturday 10th May, 2014 and baptism will take place on Sunday 11th May, 2014 after the 11 O’clock mass. 
  4. Kinawataka Sub parish choir invites all Christians of Mbuya to attend their first Easter carols today Sunday 4th May 2014 starting at 3pm at Kinawataka church. Please come and support ypur choir.
  5. All the Old boys of St. Aloysious Nyapea and well-wishers are invited to attend a meeting today Sunday 4th May, 2014 at Christ the King church starting at 1pm. The meeting will be in room 3
  6. Then Catholic News Report Magazine and The Leadership Magazine of May are being sold outside the church.
  7. The tithe envelopes are available at the office.


Holy Week is the last week of the season of Lent before the celebrations of Easter Sunday, running from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday. It is a time to commemorate, reflect upon, and reenact, specifically, the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, though many liturgies expand that practice to include his entire ministry. 

We (Christians from Mbuya Parish and visitors) are invited to take part in all the programs this week. Below is the timetable of events throughout the Holy Week and Easter

Final allocation of stations to Mbuya parish communities for the public way of the cross to take place on Good Friday 18th April, 2014 for at 7.00am.





1st Jesus is condemned to Death

Mbuya Parish

The religious, UPDF and the police

Unborn children condemned to death (abortions)

2nd Jesus carries the cross


Indian community

Pray for all the disabled

3rd Jesus falls for the first time

Nakawa Market

Reachout Mbuya

Pray for all our people affected by HIV/ AIDS

4th Jesus meets his mother

Spear Motors Nakawa

Charismatic renewal and Boda Boda riders

Pray for vocations and religious communities

5th Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross

Kinawataka Market

Kinawataka  and Banda Sub parish

Pray for those who help others bear their suffering

6th Veronica wipes Jesus’s face

Katogo Junction

Neo Catechumenal way

Pray for bringing an end to corruption

7th Jesus falls the second time


St. Zulia sub parish

Pray for all leaders

8th Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

Kobil Bugolobi

St. Kizito schools

Pray for all students.

9th Jesus falls the third time

Bugolobi Market

St. Andrew Kaggwa

Pray for mothers who have responsibility of taking care of the family

10th Jesus is stripped off his garments

Kiswa Market

Kiswa and Nakawa-Kataza Sub parishes

Pray for all those suffering

11th Jesus is nailed to the cross

Mbuya Parish

Legion of Mary

Pray for peace

12th Jesus dies on the cross

Mbuya Parish

Women’s guild

Pray for all departed souls

13th Jesus is taken down from the cross

Mbuya Parish

Catholic workers movement

Pray for all workers

14th Jesus is laid in the tomb

Mbuya Parish

The youth

Pray for all the youth

NB: All choirs of the parish will be involved in the singing

Each community will be allocated a torch and will lead the intentions and prayers at their respective allocated stations.

For more information please contact:

 Ronald- 0776070487 or 0714070487

         Sr. Ylenia- 0778341521


  1. Marriage banns.
  2. We have started the Novena to the Uganda Martyrs and we kindly ask all Christians to join in preparation for our pilgrimage to Namugongo on Saturday 22nd March, 2014. Those who want to walk, we shall leave at 7a.m and mass will start at 10.00a.m at Namugongo.
  3. We welcome the light of the Martyrs that has been sent to our parish by the Archbishop. The light will be here until Saturday when it will be taken to Biina parish.
  4. The way of the cross will be animated by Men on Friday and will start at 5.30 pm.
  5. The parish executive council will meet on Thursday 20th March,2014 at 5.00 pm and the parish council will meet on Sunday 23rd March, 2014 at 10.30 am.
  6. The focolare movement invites all to their meeting on Family and society next Saturday 22 March,2014 from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm at Cardinal Wamala Hall Christ the King church, Kampala.
  7. St. Kizito senior Secondary School Bugolobi will animate the 9 and 11 O’clock mass next Sunday 23 March,2014.
  8. The charismatic renewal will show a film of the life of Mary Magdalena here in church today starting at 2.00 pm. You are all invited.
  9. During this time of Lent we are kindly asked to bring some food and any help that will be given to the needy around Easter.
  10. All the Christians whose names have been put on the Notice board have letters in the parish office and are kindly asked to pass at sister’s office and pick them.
  11. A member from Reach out will say something about the AGM that is due next month
  1. Marriage banns.
  2. Next Wednesday 5 March is Ash Wednesday. It is a day of fasting and marks the beginning of the season of Lent.
  3. The masses on Ash Wednesday will be as follows: Ashes will only be given on Ash Wednesday                   
    1. Mbuya –
      • 7.00 a.m
      • 9.00 a.m
      • 1.00 p.m
      • 6.00 p.m
    2. Kinawataka – 7.00 a.m
    3. St. Julia – 8.00 a.m
    4. Banda – 5.30 p.m
  4. Friday 7th March will be the celebration of the way of the cross at 5.30 pm. Will be animated by the youth. There will be mass to conclude the way of the cross every Friday.
  5. The women- Mbuya parish will have a meeting on Tuesday 4th March, 2014 starting at 4.30 pm. This is to prepare for women’s day.
  6. The Women’s day will be next Sunday 9th March, 2014. The women will animate the 9.00 am mass. All women are kindly encouraged to participate.
  7. The new traces Magazine entitled the time of the person is on sale outside the church at shs2,000.
  8. The 2nd instructions for parents and God parents who would like to baptize children during the month of March will be next Saturday 8th March,2014 beginning at 3.30 pm.
  9. There will be a men’s clinic at Reachout Mbuya on Friday 14th March, 2014 starting at 8.00 am. Men and boys from 14 years and above are encouraged to attend.
  10. The catholic News report and the Leadership Magazine are being sold outside the church.
  11. The tithe envelopes are available.
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