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Sunday reflections

Sunday reflections (278)

Find all the sunday reflections by our priests at the parish here.

Theme: Ministry is our way of life

During the first two Sundays of this month, the readings called our attention to the challenge of sharing in the ministry of Jesus. Preaching the Gospel and translating its message authentically in words and works can prove to be a difficult job especially speaking the truth where it may not be wanted, upholding justice where injustices abound and defending the rights and dignity of the defenseless when it is literary impossible. These are the actions that often place disciples of Jesus at odds with their contemporaries.

Theme: The Eucharist is our life

In our village there was a 6-year-old boy named Kana who refused to go to school. Each day, despite his protests, his mother walked him to school, but as soon as she left him, he ran back home only to have his mother bring him back to the school once again. This scenario played itself out for several days, with Kana continuing to refuse to stay in school and his parents refusing to acquiesce to his desires. No inducement or threat could convince Kana to change his mind. Finally, in desperation, the boy’s parents took him to their Catechist, who said, ‘If the boy won’t listen to words, bring him to me.’ When the parents brought their son to the Catechist, he said not a word. He simply picked up the boy and held him to his heart for a long time. Then, without speaking a word, he set him down. What words alone could not accomplish, a silent embrace did. Not only did Kana go to school willingly, he went on to become a great scholar and a priest.

Theme: The Mystery of unity of God is our gift

What is the meaning of the Trinity? Today is Trinity Sunday but remember that every Sunday is a feast day of the Trinity and an occasion to celebrate one God. What does the word ‘Trinity’ mean? Does it mean that God is a mystery? God is visible, yet mystery of faith! The root of the word “Trinity” originates from the Latin word ‘trini’ which means ‘three each,’ or ‘threefold.’ The term has been used as early as the days of Tertullian to denote the central doctrine of the Christian religion. Trinity means that in Jesus dwells the Father and the Holy Spirit. And the same can be said about the Father and the Holy Spirit. In each one dwells the other two Persons of God.

Theme: Holy Spirit, teach us today

The day will come, said Teilhard de Chardin, when after harnessing space, the winds, the tides and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love and on that day; for the second time in the history of the world we shall have discovered fire. In a sense the annual feast of Pentecost is another opportunity placed in the path for discovering and participating in the ever-present fire which is God’s love. Pentecost rounds out and climaxes the Easter event.

All that we have remembered and celebrated, that is, Jesus’ saving death, his resurrection and ascension to glory, all of these sacred events took place so that the Holy Spirit might be unleashed upon the world. Pentecost calls us to the realization that the center of all reality; the innermost heart of all infinity, the love of the all-holy God has become our center and our heart. Pentecost confirms that God is with us as gift without reserve. This gift is joy, freedom, knowledge and peace of the divine life.

Theme: Be a people of Hope

Whether in your mind you are today you are celebrating the feast of Jesus’ ascension into eternal glory or not, the essential message of today’s celebration is that it is the inherent responsibility as disciples of Jesus to continue his mission. This responsibility has been clearly articulated by St Mark, who told his own, go into the whole world; proclaim the good news to all creation.

The same affirmation is reflected in the question of the two messengers dressed in white on the mount of Jesus’ ascension that you peopleofGalilee, why do you stand here lookingup at the skies? Rather than remain in the relative safety of that mountaintop, searching the heavens for the first glimpse of the returning Jesus, you are expected to walk down the mountain and start participating directly into the fray of the human experience by speak God’s good news with your lips and lives.

 Theme:  Unbreakable bonds

Last week we were invited to reflect on our oneness with Christ and on our universal character by considering both architectural referring to cornerstone and pastoral imagery in form of one flock and one shepherd. This week with imagery drawn from agrarian life referring to the vine and its branches hence we are challenged to consider even more deeply the mystery of our union with and in Jesus Christ. A familiar and striking image, drawn directly from the terraced hills of Israel and Judah, the vine was a motif popular among the Hebrew prophets for describing the relationship between God and Israel.

Theme:  Holy Sprit as source ofmutual love

As the early groups of Christian disciples grew and developed, they had to learn to cope with the ordinary frictions which were an inevitable aspect of inter-personal relationships. People of diverse character and background with their qualities, flaws and differing likes and dislikes had to learn to relate to one another in mutual charity in order for Christianity to thrive. All the members had to enter into the symbiosis which we call community. The Oxford English Dictionary defines symbiosis as “a mutual interactive relationship between two living things, usually to the advantage of both.” The created universe is rife with fascinating examples of symbiotic relationships.

‘World Vocation Sunday’ Theme: Jesus Christ, Stone, Son, Shepherd

The inspired writers did not think of God or communicate the great truths of the faith in philosophical terms. They spoke, wrote and shared their experiences of God with verbal pictures that literally bound off the page to create a lasting impression. Because of their bold and daring anthropomorphisms, God of the two testaments comes alive.

God speaks with human words; God hears the cries of the people. . . God sees the plight of the poor. . . God listens and cares. . . God wipes away the tears of the mournful. . . God stretches out a mighty arm and leads the enslaved to freedom all expressed in Exodus chapter 35. That my name and your name are written on the palms of God’s hands Isaiah 49:16. That “God holds us like a mother holds a baby to her cheek and teaches us to walk” Hosea 11:3-4 and the same “God bears us up on eagle’s wings” Exodus 19:4). It is “God chooses to be partnered with humanity” Genesis 17. Indeed God loves with an everlasting love that is why God’s involvement in human history cannot be doubted; God is the good shepherd.

Theme: The process of discipleship

During the time of his earthly ministry, Jesus was devoted to the process of making disciples those who believed in him. This process presents four common elements, namely; the call to follow Jesus originates from God; every future and present disciple is challenged to be converted to and transformed by the person of Jesus; this call requires a total commitment and willingness renounce anything that leads away from the Lord; then every authentic call to discipleship must necessarily result in a sense of mission and ministry.

Theme: You are the Easter people

During the Easter season, all of us who are just emerging from the Holy Week are invited to shift our focus and concerns to life in the wake of the Christ-event. We ought to ask ourselves, what are the implications of Jesus’ saving mission? How has yet another Holy Week impacted the human experience? How can the dying and rising of Jesus be assimilated by us who are his body? To assist all of us gathered here today in exploring these questions, the readings today put us in touch with the early Christian Community. That they were transformed by Jesus’ resurrection is unquestionable; that they were able to sustain that transforming experience and translate it into their everyday lives is nothing short of miraculous.

In explaining how the young community grew and miraculously developed into a viable Church, the early Christian inspired writers will remind us repeatedly that the Spirit of the risen Christ remained with them as its inspiration and driving force. It was this Spirit that enabled ordinarily self-seeking individuals to be of one heart and mind, holding all things in common and providing for the needy. It was this Spirit that empowered them to continue Jesus’ mission of forgiveness; it was this same Spirit that strengthened their faith and sustained their efforts to lovingly keep the commandments they had been given.

Theme: Death Has Been Defeated

This is a great night, what does it communicate to you?

When God made us he drew us from the depths of the immense ocean of his love. He set us on this earthly shore and invited us, by means of a deeply embedded desire for him, to freely return to him in love. From the very beginning our existence therefore, our deepest essence, was ordered to a relationship with God. Every tribe and nation from the very commencement of human history has somehow lived this truth and expressed it culturally as religious seeking. God created us and established us in an inescapable relationship with him; inescapable because it is part of our very constitution, like our need for oxygen and water, sunlight and food.

Apr 7, 2015

Easter Sunday

Written by Published in Sunday reflections

Theme: It is the good news of our salvation

We have journeyed with Jesus Christ since Ash Wednesday, climax on Palm Sunday, setting stage for action on Holy Thursday, the challenge of Good Friday and the JOY of Easter Sunday. What could be your version of the good news of Jesus of Nazareth? In the film, after the crucifixion of Jesus on Calvary and his hasty burial, members of the Sanhedrin received shocking news informing them that the itinerant teacher and healer was alive after his followers claimed that his tomb had been found empty. Others people were spreading the news that they had experienced his risen presence. At that, the Jewish official moaned softly and sighed almost inaudibly. And so indeed it was; the resurrection of Jesus marked the beginning of a new way of life centered in Christ Jesus, who died but now lives forever.

Acts 2:14.22-33 Ps.151; Mt.28:8-15.

Theme of the readings.

The Easter message is Jn.3:16 ‘For God so loved the world that he gave it his only begotten Son so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but have eternal life.’ In other words the suffering, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus is not a chain of events meant only to prove the divinity of God but rather it is a sequence of accomplishment of the means of human salvation. You and I have been saved by the water, blood and Cross of Jesus. So keep your eyes fixed on the crucified and Risen Lord!

Theme: Do this in memory of me

My brothers and sisters in Christ, in order to prepare ourselves to commemorate the glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Day, today, we are celebrating Holy Thursday. This Feast solemnly commemorates the institution of the Holy Eucharist. During the history of the Holy Catholic Church, this special Feast has been associated with the reconciliation of penitents, the consecration of the holy oils, the washing of the feet, the commemoration of the Blessed Eucharist and Institution of Ministerial Priesthood. Holy Thursday is the night on which our Lord Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with His disciples. What went through their mind on that night, we will never know. We can only imagine. What we do know is that Jesus knew that His hour had come to depart from the world and to go to the Father.

While Jesus had been preparing His disciples for some time, hinting to them that He was about to be betrayed and crucified, the disciples did not appear to perceive what Jesus was telling them. Remember, they were fishermen by origin. They had barely any education except that they knew about boats and nets. Before celebrating this last meal with his disciples, Jesus washed their feet saying that “as I have loved you, you also love one another” John 13: 34. The significance of this is that God intends to make sure that love and service are at the heart of his followers. Like the rest of us the disciples had been more impressed with his miracles, infinite wisdom and His endless knowledge but what was of value was love. While they affirmed that Jesus was the Son of God and the Messiah, their actions at the time of his arrest will clearly tell us that they were very weak in human nature and only love could strengthen. Today our love for one another must rise and shine.

Theme: Fidelity leads to victory

In most areas of the world, a visit from the Roman Pontiff would be received with great anticipation. As soon as the scheduled visit is announced, elaborate preparations begin, sometimes as early as one or two years in advance. Certain cities have chosen to build a vast meeting center to accommodate the thousands who will come to acknowledge the visit of one so important. Roads are repaired, landscapes are refurbished with fresh plantings of flowering trees, bushes and plants.

In Africa however preparations are less complex, but no less taxing. For example, when Popes Paul VI and John Paul II visited Uganda, the roadways were edged with freshly cut matoke or banana plants. Considering the fact that matoke is the main staple of the daily diet in Uganda, the people had paid great tribute to these Pontiffs in cutting down and offering their very sustenance food to welcome them. Colorful flower petals arranged in various designs decorated the pathways and the people turned out in their Sunday best, stood along both sides of the roads shouting their welcome in each place the Pope passed.

Theme: Wounded healers

A missionary went to Sudan to preach the good news, he encountered untold hardships. During his seven-year mission, he suffered hunger and privation; for seventeen months he was held in Jaffa Prison and was subjected to incredible abuse and torture. As a result, his body was scarred for life from the beatings and by the iron shackles and chains he was forced to wear. Throughout many sufferings he remained undeterred in his resolve. When he was miraculously released from prison, he asked the civil authorities for permission to resume his work for the sake of the gospel. With indignation, the man in charge denied him request, saying, ‘my people are not foolish enough to listen to anything you say but I fear they may be impressed by your scars and thereby be convinced to turn to your religion!’ As the days of Lent flow away, we are leading nearer and nearer to the culmination of this holy season. The Church, through the liturgical readings, has kept us alert to what Jesus is saying to us. At this point we are invited to be once again impressed by the scars of Jesus and thereby be more deeply convinced of the saving merciful love of God for all people.

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