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Achieve your personal potential

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Who are you? The first step in achieving your potential is to know who you are. Where do you come from? what are your family values? Do not try to be something you are not and expect to win. Appreciate your background and first make peace with it. Acknowledge your identity.

Stories of successful executives in Kampala who have forgotten about their parents and close relatives in the village abound. These people come to Kampala, adopt different culture, network with new friends and forget completely about their family back home. It is not until they experience a misfortune like a loss of a relative that they visit the village and get exposed. Rich in the city, but no place to even place a casket back home! What a shame! First know who you are (see figure 1).

Get a text book and write the following alone or with your partner. Answer honestly.   

  • What is your name? And what does it mean?
  • Your father’s and mother’s name; tribe and religion: who are they? What do they value?
  • Date of birth and age. What are your milestones to date?  For example if you aged 25 plus, you must have completed your first university degree. If you are 30 and your parents value settling down and starting a family, you should have married or be seriously thinking about it.
  • Your siblings, close relatives and friends: who are they?
  • Your village and the best gift you have given your parents to date?
  • The best gift you have given your society and your village?What you have done is called your personal stakeholders analysis. For each one of them, you need to ask, what is their interest and influence in your life. How can you do take advantage of any support they might have to offer yoSuch analysis helps you face reality
  • .As a person, you cannot easily achieve your potential unless you are honest with yourself. Who are you? Ask most mid-aged ladies about their age, they will try to hide it. Some men nowadays also want to lie about their age. Stop trying to be what you are not. Be you; be true to your identity.
  • As a Catholic Christian, understanding who you are helps know your faith which means that you will adhere to the Church values. When you live your values consistently, they become your personal credo and culture. As a parent, you are the guide to your children. We cannot succeed unless we stop living superficial lives. We must be true to ourselves.
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