Theme: Patience

What is heaven like? At one time or another, most of us have thought seriously about this question. Our imaginations about heaven vary depending on age, circumstances and life experiences. For some, heaven promises an end to pain, struggle and every human limitation. For others, heaven holds hope of reuniting with loved ones out of sight for a time. If we were to reword this question in a manner more in line with Advent, we might ask ‘what will it be like to meet Christ?’ For Isaiah and James and Matthew, the question was messianic in character.

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Theme: New life

During Advent we need to cultivate a spirit of watchfulness. Waiting is an inevitable part of the human experience which at times it tests our patience. Waiting can bring out the best or the worst in a person depending on what one is waiting for. People have submitted willingly to extend time waiting for a football match about to start between their favorite teams; during Advent however, we are waiting for new life which demands planning and hoping joyfully for the better Advent waiting is characterized by joy and not impatience and by optimism rather than anxiety.

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As we come to the end of our Liturgical Year, the Church invites us to celebrate Christ the King as Lord and master of our lives. This Feast was instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1925 to deter secularism and atheism that was becoming wild. Faith demands that we celebrate Christ as sovereign over all nations.

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Theme: Judgment

Every now and then we hear exhortation to vigilance since we are vulnerable to forgetfulness.  Today’s liturgy sets the tone for Advent season reminding us that waiting for final judgment requires more than sentimental expectation. We cannot simply hope for change; we have to take those actions that will establish it. If conversion is ever to happen on the global level, its seed must be planted and tended in individual hearts. The choice is ours; the season is now.

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Theme: Be Prepared

After years in Africa, a European missionary went on home leave and returned with a set of colorful posters that he used to illustrate sermons. As he had hoped, the pictures proved great success. Each Sunday the congregation would linger around them discussing what they had learnt. Near the end of the liturgical year the preaching was about the end times and final judgment.

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