Theme: Kingdom!

Nothing is stronger than ‘an idea whose time has come’. Jesus came among us announcing that ‘the kingdom of God is at hand’. By his words and works he clearly communicated God’s will for humanity. In order to reach out to as many as possible, Jesus developed a method of mobile preaching that accessed many people in short time. We need to sustain the same style.

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Theme: God is God

The word ‘theophany’ refers to a direct encounter with God. The term is a combination of two Greek words: theos/God; and phainos/appear. A theophany experienced by an individual or by a group of persons is usually described biblically as an event beyond words. Today’s solemnity invites us to celebrate the experience of the limitless God. Knowing Trinity means that God is revealing to us the joy of our image since in His image we have been created.

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Theme: Eucharist

The Word of God is living with a variety of ways to access it. Once one is inside and is willing to listen, then the transformative power of God leads to conversion and growth. We are encouraged to carry it so that it can assist us to have faith and to be generous to the extent of hearing “give them some food yourselves” Luke 9:13.  This is what is expected of us every day.

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Theme: Come Holy Spirit

Today as a Church we celebrate our birth day. Despite the challenges, the endurance of discipleship has made us his witness making the Church to survive and thrive! Unlike the survivors of televised notoriety who go it alone, we endure in unity because of the Holy Spirit who does not permit us to relegate our distant memory to history books. The Holy Spirit empowers us to be pertinent and relevant to the changing circumstances of our time. The moment Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit; our hearts were set on fire. Through the gifts of the Spirit, the alienated have been offered an alternative communal life with a clean record of love and care.

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