Theme: Temptations

Lent is a season of introspection, a time of taking personal inventory and self-examination. These six weeks, set aside each year by the Church provides an annual opportunity for a spiritual cleaning. Lent is an invitation to recognize failures and sinfulness, to seek forgiveness and to form a new resolve in order to grow deeper in faith, fervent love and firm hope. In this holy season, the Church invites us to turn our gaze to God.

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Theme: Be reconciled with God

Brothers and sisters, on this Ash Wednesday we enter a season of penance and mortification for forty days that precede Easter being called to reconcile with God. Through symbolic ashes we are reminded that we are sinners created from dust always in need mercy and forgiveness from God cf. Genesis 18:27. To share in his resurrection we have to be cleansed from sin.

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Theme: Work and pray

Work is whatever we expend energy on for the sake of accomplishing and achieving something. Ideally, work is not what we do for a living but what we do with our living. Fortunate are those whose work is fulfilling. Work becomes a blessing when we love it and are willing to make a living out of it! In each of our three readings for today, we are invited to explore the importance of work and to learn a lesson in work ethics.

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Theme: Everlasting love

Through the centuries, humanity has suffered myriad of illnesses some of which have altered the course of history. Nearer to our times, various cancers continue to afflict and kill thousands and have yet to be controlled. Leprosy was one of those feared ailments that once it punched, victims would be quarantined. Separated from rest of society, the person suffered immensely first from illness, then isolation and victimization because of being referred to as living dead.

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Theme: Prophet Like Moses

In every age there have been people of courage willing to risk their lives for others for a grater good. Such initiative requires a thick skin strong enough to endure hardships and a warm heart to forgive and forget with willingness to be lonely and unpopular. Those who attempt this difficult task should expect no gratitude for their efforts; rather to bear the brunt of criticism and at times hostility. Those seeking stability and personal satisfaction should channel their efforts elsewhere.

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