Fifth Sunday of Easter Homily


At the beginning of the lockdown, we were told to go and stay home. Imagine of people who are homeless, where did they go? Where are they staying now especially with the heavy rains these days? Without a home and family where we belong and feel loved and accepted, life becomes meaningless and empty. This is the reason why Jesus is assuring all of us a home namely the Fathers house, very well prepared by Him. He knows the importance of the person having a place where he/she calls home not only for a specified period of time but forever.

Imagine you are renting a house and at the end of the month you don't have house rent and you are sure that the land lord will come asking for rent, you live in fear, hiding from the land Lord, you may develop bad habits that you didn't have before like coming late when the  land Lord and the house management brokers are asleep . Jesus is promising us a home in Fathers house without rent. 

First reading (Acts 6: 1-7) We see the growth of the 1st Christian community and how they sorted out the in a peaceful way the challenges, difficulties and the problems that arose in their community.  My brothers and Sisters, in the lockdown as you stay home with your family members, problems may arise, may God give you the Graces you need to solve them without resorting to quarrels and violence but rather aim at reconciliation and peace building.

2nd reading (Peter 2:4- 9). The Christian community is compared to a building, the foundation stone of which is Christ.  May you remember that Christ is the foundation stone of your family, always pray together as a family, for the family that prays together stays together, Jesus being the foundation stone and the pillar of your family. 

Gospel (John 14: 1-12) It contains part of Jesus's teaching at the last supper. He comforts and consoles His friends who are saddened at the thought of His going. He tells them that he is going to prepare a home for them.  It is important to have a good home, not just a house but to have close ties with other people. To have permanent relationships, to have people who love and accept you, whom you love and accept also. 

To be without faith is like being homeless at a deeper level because there is no hope for everlasting home. Our earthly homes are short lived but the one that Jesus has promised us in the Gospel is everlasting.  However, the vision of faith shouldn't stop us from trying to create better homes here on earth without too much extravagancy, luxury and comfort. 


Fr. Mubangizi JohnBosco 

(Asst. Parish Priest - Our Lady of Africa Parish, Mbuya)

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