32nd Sunday in ordinary time A 2020

Theme: The parable of the lamps 

We are all called to be bearers of the light of Christ, lamp-carriers. If you like. Like the five foolish maids , we too are sometimes careless and irresponsible,  and allow this lamp to go out or at least  grow very dim.

Through the spirit of prayer and watchfulness, Christ will help us to keep the light of faith, hope and love burning brightly.

1st. Reading: Wisdom 6: 12-16. It is the song of praise of wisdom, at the same time it says that wisdom can be found by all those who seek it.

2nd reading, 1 Theselonians 4: 13-18. St. Paul consoles his converts at Thesselonica who are worried about the fate of their loved ones who have died. He tells them that God will raise them up as surely as he raised Christ. 

Gospel, Mathew 25: 1-13: A story which urges us to stay awake because we do not know the day or the hour of the Lord's coming. 

Today's readings calls to seek wisdom from God to direct our lives

Not to worry about our brothers and sisters who have died but to pray for their souls.  The Church gives the month of November a special attention to pray for the souls departed.  Let this month not end without us praying for our departed brothers, sisters that have gone before us from this world. 

The parable of Jesus calls each one us to stay awake. When our time to die comes all that will matter will be the kind of persons we are not wahy we have achieved or amassed. What if we should be caught unprepared with no oil in our spiritual lamps?

We have to make sure that our lamps are always burning. Therefore we must keep putting oil into them. The Lord can come any moment.  However let us not forget that it is to something joyful that we are invited. It is to a wedding feast not a funeral . It is too good to be missed . If we have made Christ our best friend of life.  We shall make it to heaven.

Let us pray to the Lord our God to grant that when He comes in our minds, may be a light with faith , our souls a light with hope and our hearts a light with love, then He will lead us into the wedding feast of unending light and joy

Fr. Mubangizi JohnBosco 

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