The Baptism of the Lord

Theme: Fundamental choices.

It is surprising that we celebrate birthdays and other events like anniversaries very well but never celebrate our baptisms. How strange that Christians pay so little attention to their real birthday.  In today's liturgy we celebrate the baptism of Christ. In celebrating His baptism, we celebrate our baptism too and renew its grace within us.

In our baptism, we became sons and daughters of God and the Church.  Born to live free from sin and wrongdoing.

At our baptism the favor of God rested on us; we were born to return to God's love.

At our baptism the Holy Spirit descended upon us; we were born to follow God's call to holiness and goodness.

In the Gospel of today's liturgy, Mark tells us how Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the River Jordan and the signs that accompanied that baptism.

Many people, perhaps all people, experience moments that prove to be decisive turning points in their lives. They reach a crossroads where they are confronted with radically different choices.  They are forced to make a Fundamental decision after which their life will never be the same again.  That decision will be decisive for the entire person;

For his/her fate, convictions, lifestyles.  One will leave the old world behind and enter a new world. While that decision can be a positive or negative one. We should always take positive decisions.

Close to thirty years Jesus had lived at Nazareth, subject to Mary and Joseph. During most of those years, he had lived the comparatively quiet and secure life of a village carpenter. All the while he had been hearing an inner voice calling him to something more important.  All the time the Father's hand was laid upon him and he was being gently guided towards his real work. He was just waiting for a sign.

Suddenly the sign was there, His cousin John was baptizing people in preparation for the coming of someone he said was far greater than himself.  Jesus made a fundamental decision.  

He left his old life and opted for a new one that of teacher, preacher, and healer to His brothers and sisters. 

Many of us on looking back over our lives can see that we have known such moments, moments that have proved decisive turning points. Perhaps at this moment some of us are standing at the crossroads trying to decide which road to take, we need to take positive decisions through write roads.

Suppose we find that we already took the wrong decisions.  We must change our decisions, change direction, reverse the decisions, and follow the right compass otherwise we shall get lost forever. 

Baptism then for Christ was a turning point what about our Baptism? We are called every day to keep the candle of our baptism shining as we follow the call to live up to our dignity as children of God who love God and love our brothers and Sisters. 


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