Theme: He is our Light

Whenever you have a chance, watch an expectant woman who is about to give birth. Though quite pregnant, she will be smiling pleasantly as she winces against the pain that accompanies everything. Rarely will she walk carelessly; instead a package with personal clean contents will be nearby ready for any eventuality. The reason of her joy is very simple, she is about to give a child to the light. When Christians world over celebrate any mother willing to gave birth; it should remind us of Jesus Christ, word made fresh who came to dwell among us. By virtue of God’s presence, all darkness that had previously threatened to overwhelm humankind was eliminated.  Through Jesus, light has come to birth, the stranglehold of night has been broken.

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Theme: A Savior is born to you

During the four weeks of Advent we have been waiting for the coming of Christmas which is now here. Two thousand years ago, the angels blessed us with news of great joy announcing that to us a Saviour who is Christ the Lord had been born in the city of David. This good news is for all the people at all times. But how do I personally embrace it as it rings out ‘joy to the world’? This is the fundamental question, because not withstanding such as an announcement, there are still many people who do not know how to make this joy their own.

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Theme: Rejoice

A Native African Patriarch who wished to provide a happy future of his grandchildren often shared with them the stories of their ancestors. Each story held not only an entertaining piece of shared heritage, but also a life lesson intended to cultivate wisdom. On one occasion, this grandpa told his eager young listeners that every person has two wolves inside who are engaged in a struggle.

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Theme: Believe

For those without faith, the rich scriptural traditions that surround Advent and Christmas look like simply time-worn stories. For the unbelieving, Jesus’ birth at Bethlehem may be no more than an ancient story with little consequence. Bethlehem was a little village about nine miles from Jerusalem where pilgrims bought animals to offer as sacrifices in the temple. Apart from that, Jesus’ hometown had little else to earn it a place on the map. For those in doubt, Elizabeth was no more than an older lady whose expectancy surprised and shocked her relatives. Mary’s visit to Elizabeth was simply a matter of a younger woman reaching out to care for an older relative. Yet the world that took notice of him has systematically transformed for the better.

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