Theme: Decide now

Luke’s account of the Passion of Jesus contains a number of emotional moments that show what happened to Jesus and the disciples when time to make decisions arrived. The majority of the disciples who had pledged loyalty at the Last Supper run away when the police converge on Jesus in the garden. Peter who had earlier on boasted of his steadfastness, denied any association with Jesus when questioned.

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Theme: Wonderful

We need to be a people who sustain our memory. Memory is an electrical circuit that stores past experiences including the courage to learn from our past mistakes. When we fall into sin, we need not to hide our shame and embarrassment since this can help us not to repeat the same mistake again. Fear of shame helps us build a dignified character. Shame sustains remorse and a sense of regret which helps us to stay out of trouble. There is only one antidote which is instantaneous. You simply say, ‘I’m sorry’ and God promptly replies, ‘I do not condemn you’

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Theme:   God is God

Have you ever had a moment in which you were so profoundly in touch with the presence of God that your life was totally transformed by that encounter? Moses’ such experience was the burning bush that he could never dissemble due to the great thrill of realizing that God was God while Moses was only Moses merely privileged to see God with his eyes and remain alive. Today we are invited to discover similar burning bushes however challenging it may be.

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Theme: Forgiveness

Frequently during this holy season of Lent we tend to gravitate toward the wrongs we have done and omissions we have incurred. While it may be tempting to engage in this practice of negative navel-gazing, the mercies of God calls us to cultivate a more positive attitude since no sin is so huge to stop God’s love from reaching a sinner.

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Theme: Present

Most transformation experiences whether good and bad are an inherent aspect of the human condition. When human beings participate in such a process, the results can be either remarkable or surprisingly ambivalent. For example the transformation of a baby to a child to an adult can be amazing to witness; but when that same human being is ravaged by a debilitating illness, one must look much deeper to find the person’s true uniqueness.

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