Theme:  Unbreakable bonds         

Last week we were invited to reflect on Christ as a cornerstone and a good shepherd, this week the imagery is drawn from agrarian life referring to the vine and its branches challenging us to consider how binding is our union with Jesus. Organically bound to Christ upon whom we depend for life as branches of a vine, we are called to remain loyal so as to produce fruits.

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‘World Vocation Sunday’ Theme: The Good Shepherd

Inspired writers did not think of God the great truths of the faith in philosophical terms but shared their experience clearly to the point of creating a lasting impression. Their bold imagination, made God of the two testaments to be alive. God speaks with human words; hears the cries of the people, sees the plight of the poor, listens and cares “God holds us like a mother holds a baby to her cheek and teaches us to walk” Hosea 11:3-4. God loves with an everlasting love that is why his involvement in human history cannot be doubted; he is the good shepherd.

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Theme: The Easter people

During the Easter season we relive how a young community of believers grew and miraculously developed into a viable Church because the Spirit of the risen Christ. It was this Spirit that enabled ordinarily individuals to be of one heart and mind, holding all things in common and providing for the needy. This Spirit empowered them to continue Jesus’ mission of forgiveness; strengthened their faith and sustained their efforts to devotedly keep the commandments they had been given.

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Theme: Discipleship

During his earthly ministry, Jesus chose disciples out of those who believed in him basing on four common elements, namely; those willing to follow him; those who accept to convert; ready for total commitment and willingness renounce anything. Every authentic call to discipleship must necessarily result into mission and ministry. Being a disciple is manifested in witnessing what Jesus did and said cf. Acts 10:39 because witness transforms one into smart believer.

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Theme: Good new

We journeyed Jesus Christ since Ash Wednesday, through Palm Sunday to Holy Thursday, Good Friday to the JOY of Easter Sunday. Tradition holds that after the crucifixion his and hasty burial, members of the Sanhedrin received shocking news that the itinerant teacher and healer was alive and his after his tomb had been found empty. Others spread the news that they had experienced his risen presence. At that, Jewish official sighed inaudibly. The resurrection marked a new beginning. By virtue of his victory over sin and death, humanity was offered a new perspective. In the reality of Easter God was not simply up above or the totally transcendent but with us. With every Easter celebration we affirm that life begins when it seems to end.

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