Theme: God is for us

We begin with some off chaff intrusion with this conclusion, if for one reason or another you found a watch in a field, its intricate design and practical purpose would lead you to conclude that it had a maker. Now try to look beyond the watch to the world; this also may assist you to conclude that the beauties and complexities you see are pointing to the existence of a world maker. Indeed, God is the unmoved mover in whom all creation gets its origin.

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Theme: Our Mother

In many countries it is the custom on this first day of the New Year for children of all ages to return home in order to be blessed by their parents. No matter the distance, the family has to come together. Both the old and those newly born want to begin the New Year under the blessing of their parents. In a similar way; all us are invited today to come together from near and far not withstanding age or frailty, so that we can be blessed by God through our mother Mary. This blessing installs on us love, hope and faith so that in turn we are to be a blessing and bless others.

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Theme:  The right star

One thing is to have a vision and a star that guides another thing to share that vision because your star is real and universal with a possibility of being realized. Epiphany with its star and wise people from afar is a day that allows wisdom to guide our common mission of discovering baby Jesus amidst our uncertainties. Epiphany is a day when children become missionaries by requesting them be generous in helping fellow children in need anywhere in the world.

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