Theme: Expectation

Here we go again! Another liturgical year has ebbed away and a new one is upon us. Like it or not, time is carrying us forward. Having come full circle to a new beginning, things nevertheless look quite familiar. When we read the ancient scriptural selections for yet another Advent, we wonder if there is anything new under the sun. We have heard these texts from John the Baptist, Paul, Luke, Jeremiah and Isaiah before and we more or less know what they are going to say; yet it is important for us always to remember that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” John 1:14. From the moment the incarnate word became flesh and blood, the course of human history was forever altered.

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Theme: He reigns forever

A good number of us may have limited experience of kings, queens and royals. Most countries in this world are no longer governed by monarchs and where royal families continue to perdure, their roles are simply ceremonial. In the 1970’s, Juan Carlos is king in Spain since 1970, Elizabeth II has been Queen of England since 1952.

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Theme: He is coming

Speculation about the end of the world as we know it is not unusual; seers and sages of all ages have shared their opinions for centuries. Richard Kieninger from Chicago believed that the end would be on May 5, 2000 A.D. Vincent Ferrer a Spanish Dominican Monk who lived around 1350-1419, predicted the end of the world by 3936 A.D. Scientists of all ranges have fueled public anxiety by speculating possible ways in which the world would end: 1- our planet earth falling into a black hole.

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Theme: Courage to listen

Before the transcendent God who has chosen to be one with his people, we can have no other response than a holy, single-minded and wholehearted love. As believers we know that our love for God is real if it is demonstrated by expressions of generous love for all others. Such love finds its inspiration in the absolute, complete and unreserved gift of Jesus on the cross.

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