Theme: Abide with me

All Souls Day remind us of the death of our dear ones and our own death. Today the Church tells us that while the life of the body may die the life of the spirit and the good works accomplished do not die. Our good works accompany the soul on its journey from this life and they are precious in the eyes of the Lord. The way we live now will influence our life after. Many feel that the society has changed from bad to worse.

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Theme: Our destiny

The feast of All Saints, on 1st of November, provides an annual reminder that there are many saints in heaven than the relatively few who have been officially recognized by the Church. For every St. Francis of Assisi or Mother Teresa of Calcutta there are thousands of unknown male and female saints who witnessed the values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ publicly.

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Theme: Collaboration: MISSION IS OUR CAUSE

As it is commonly said that life is a game which we all have to play it. Likewise for the mission which invites all of us to assume an active part by support it in all good ways at our disposal. Mission is enjoyable if embraced in the spirit of collaboration while reaching out to others. Mission asks us to be gospel-driven so as to inspire all us to attend to the needs of others.

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Theme: I want to see!

There are some people who have been intentionally deprived of freedom, spending several years engaged only in a hopeless experience until they discovered the inner light of grace that enabled them to look once again with faith at reality. Seeing themselves in stark truthfulness, they recognized their misery with a new understanding prompting a spiritual perception that led them to seek reconciliation and healing in a way they never imagined before.

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Theme: Prosperity as an opportunity or obstacle

Today’s liturgy will assist us analyze that once we are well convinced then no obstacles can stop us from archiving what is good. The obstacles can be riches, relatives, illness, finances, hatred, just name them. In fact if you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it. Today’s readings encourage us to stay focused.

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