Theme: Regulations

Law is essentially a good to be valued. When honestly established and properly understood, carefully observed and equitably upheld; laws functions as a safeguard which protect each member of the human community. It is laws provide that necessary structure to foster the growth and development of individuals within their respective societies. Our Hebrew brethren refer to the law of this nature as Torah. A more comprehensive term than law, Torah means instruction/teaching originating from God’s revelation.

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Theme: Turning point

During lifetime, one may be confronted by a variety of crises. In serious illness, a medical crisis occurs; political crisis involves wresting for power between parties, economic crisis is occasioned by the weakening of markets and devaluation of finances. An international crisis occurs when nations start to disagree. Crises reveal a bleak of events which are a threat to comfort and convenience.

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For the contemporary Christians to appreciate the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Bible has to provide guidance. St. Luke presents Mary in a manner that challenges us to sidestep the maudlin sentimentality because though blessed, she is at the same time a mother and mentor. Mary is the woman who agreed to give birth to Jesus, making the Word of God became incarnate among us. She allowed herself to be inspired directly by the Word in all her actions. She is “the blessed womb that carried the lord who word of God and kept it” Luke 11:27, 28. As we revere her, we are equally invited to emulate her willingness to believe permanently in God.

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Theme: Wisdom

Readings like these offer us an opportunity for evaluating the quality of its liturgy, particularly its Eucharistic worship. To be a Christian is to be a wise servant like Jesus, who put the needs of others ahead of his/her own. Christian fellowship means to offer one’s time, talent and treasure as food for the many hungers of God’s people. Like Jesus, a Christian must have capacity for compassion that overcomes conceit and self-centeredness with concern for the other. It is only when the common good is upheld by the generosity of the assembled community that the Eucharist is complete.

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Theme: Hunger

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization states that about a half billion of the nine billion people who live on earth are at the brink of starvation daily. We are a planet where about two hundred million children are mentally handicapped or blind due to a lack of food. The World Health Organization estimates that approximately one-third of the world’s population is underfed while about four million people die each year of starvation.

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