Theme: Believe

Food is essential for life; to eat well is a sign that one is healthy and growing. Today we are being challenged to evaluate objectively how we react and act when food is before our eyes. Some people take food for granted; others thank God and the provider even before eating, while others complain nostalgically even without any valid reason. Today Jesus teaches us to look at God as the source for the most satisfying nutrition in Jesus the bread of life

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Theme: All belongs to God

When we are mindful of the source of our essential commodities, then we begin to take care on how to utilize them. God has provided enough essential resources for all of us; the issue at hand is how we are willing to share them among ourselves. Though God is the provident provider of all we have, when it comes to use his goods, we tend to forget about him. Today we are being reminded to allow God the opportunity to bless the fruits of our hand before using them.

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Theme: Mission

Those called by God to preach to others ought to know that they have entered into a minefield of obstacles. It is always dangerous when it comes to speak the truth where falsehood has been going on unchecked. Preaching repentance provokes the unknown to the surface thus creating uneasiness. Nevertheless, God continues to call provokers into this type of ministry since it is the main way for many to recover and live. Today we are invited to ready for surprises.

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Theme: Care

Preaching the Gospel and translating authentically in words and works can prove to be difficult especially when it comes to stand for what is right. Nevertheless, this is what common sense dictates. What we have to keep in mind is method we apply to ensure effectiveness. Disseminating the truth has to be proper, easily, sustainable and manageable. This is all we have to learn and put into practice from today onwards.

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Theme: Rejection

The annals of history are replete with cases of good people being rejected by those who label them. Sadly it is when we think we know so well that we start becoming vulnerable to faulty judgment. This unfortunate prejudice limits capacity to perceive objectively. When Albert Einstein failed to speak until he was four years and to read until was nine years old, he was labeled by his school master as unsociable and adrift in his foolish dreams while Socrates was written off as an immoral corruptor of youth. Yet these people lived to contradict their naysayers by being world’s respected geniuses. Such erroneous conclusion was applied on Ezekiel, Paul and Jesus. Today we are challenged to look at others with unbiased open eyes.

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