Theme: Remember

Having arrived halfway our Lenten journey we are invited to review what has transpired so as to press onward on what is yet to come. The saying goes “those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it” George Santayana The Life of Reason, 1905. It is this same understanding that prompted Chronicles to lead their contemporaries through a quick overview of their past performance. At times what we shun is the very message that God sends to console us. Today the word of God reminds us to evaluate all that has been painful and contradictory in our lives.

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Theme: Only you Lord

The word of God today invites us to reflect on the transcendent God who choses to be friendly to humankind. The demands of the law and authentic worship featured in our readings should be understood not as orders but as divine gifts. In both Hebrew/debarim and Greek/decalogue the commandments are not called rules but words which have been offered within the context of an ongoing dialogue known as the covenant. These special words are meant to form the basis of our behavior. At each Eucharist we who ask forgiveness for what we have done and for what we have failed to do would do well to let these words sink into our hearts to shape our conscience.

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Theme: Temptations

Lent is a season of introspection, a time of taking personal inventory and self-examination. These six weeks, set aside each year by the Church provides an annual opportunity for a spiritual cleaning. Lent is an invitation to recognize failures and sinfulness, to seek forgiveness and to form a new resolve in order to grow deeper in faith, fervent love and firm hope. In this holy season, the Church invites us to turn our gaze to God.

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Theme: Surrender

Once armed attackers surprised a family on their way home where a bullet hit a young boy as he slept in the back seat. A short time later he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. People were shocked and annoyed. But public outrage was soon replaced by wonder and admiration. The boy’s family arranged that all of their son’s vital organs be harvested and donated freely. As a result lives of eight terminal patients were healed as young vital organs replaced defective ones. This story reminds us of another death of a son whose dying brought life to many. The death Jesus has changed and is still changing lives of many.

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Theme: Be reconciled with God

Brothers and sisters, on this Ash Wednesday we enter a season of penance and mortification for forty days that precede Easter being called to reconcile with God. Through symbolic ashes we are reminded that we are sinners created from dust always in need mercy and forgiveness from God cf. Genesis 18:27. To share in his resurrection we have to be cleansed from sin.

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