Theme:  Unity of God is our model

What is the meaning of the Trinity? This word originates from the Latin word ‘trini’ meaning ‘threefold’. The term was first used by Tertullian to denote the central doctrine of the Christian religion that in Jesus dwells the Father and the Holy Spirit not withstanding the order of terms. In each Person dwells the other two Persons of One God. This truth is supported by St. Paul when he teaches that “in Him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell bodily” Colossians 1:19;2:9. Each of these Persons is truly the same God and has all His infinite perfections; yet He is fully distinct of the other Persons. The one and only God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, all eternally begotten. Holy Trinity Sunday celebrates God who utterly transcendent has chosen to be God who is completely with and for us. All the same we must keep in mind that this definition is constituted for us but is not created by us because He is a mystery of faith.

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Theme: Come Holy Spirit fire of Love

Pentecost rounds out and climaxes the Easter event. All that we have celebrated, that is, Jesus’ saving death, his resurrection and ascension to glory took place so that the Holy Spirit could be unleashed upon the world. Pentecost calls us to the realization that the center of all reality; the innermost heart of all infinity, the love of the all-holy God has become the center of our heart.

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Theme:  Holy Spirit source of mutual love

As the early groups of Christian disciples grew and developed, they had to learn to cope with the ordinary frictions which were an inevitable aspect of inter-personal relationships. People of diverse character and background had to learn to relate to one another in mutual charity in order for Christianity to succeed. All members had to enter into the symbiosis which we call community. The Oxford English Dictionary defines symbiosis as ‘a mutual interactive relationship between two living things, usually to the advantage of both’. Today we are invited to a symbiosis which supports and sustains the Christian community. Even though before God we remain as helpless as birds in the nest, with mouths open wide to receive food, we are assured that God will never forget us.

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Theme: Go forth and evangelize

The forty days preceding Ascension were days of preparation for the young Church. Like Moses and Elijah, Jesus equipped his disciples with a mission to witnesses to the ends of the earth. His departure anticipated his return. He was lifted up by a cloud which took Him out of their sight as if he was formless since this was his nature before creation.

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Theme:  Unbreakable bonds         

Last week we were invited to reflect on Christ as a cornerstone and a good shepherd, this week the imagery is drawn from agrarian life referring to the vine and its branches challenging us to consider how binding is our union with Jesus. Organically bound to Christ upon whom we depend for life as branches of a vine, we are called to remain loyal so as to produce fruits.

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