Theme: Heaven our destination

The forty days preceding Ascension were days of preparing the young Church as Moses and Elijah had done for their disciples. Jesus’ departure anticipated his return. He was lifted up by a cloud which took Him from their sight as if he was formless; but this was his nature before creation. Previously, he had manifested Himself physically when the Word became flesh dwelling among us. What we celebrate on Ascension Day is this human departure from this world leaving his disciples the missionary mandate of disengaging themselves from the known to the unknown by moving beyond Jerusalem to the rest of the world.

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Theme: Unity in diversity

Before departing from his disciples, Jesus promised that the Father would send them the Holy Spirit to teach them how to discern and remind them of all that Jesus had told them. Acts gives us glimpses into this process of discernment and invites us to appreciate the value of diverse voices, even dissenting ones in the ongoing conversation that keeps a community viable.

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Theme: I care

World vocation Sunday

In the weeks following Easter, we contemplate the Christ-event and look back at how faith in Jesus Christ was slowly developing into a community of the people of God. Incidentally the first Christians did not wait to understand completely before they set out on their mission, rather they learned as they worked and grew stronger in their faith by doing good deeds. It was with this great courage and determination that new converts Paul and Barnabas set out to preached the good news following the map of the then-known world with its many peoples and cultures. They encountered challenges and rejection but never gave up.

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Theme: Love

Mother Teresa states; ‘we must grow in love and do things we must do by loving and loving and giving and giving until it hurts, the way Jesus did. This is what it means to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Elsewhere, Mother Teresa remarked that the greatest disease in the world today is not tuberculosis, leprosy or AIDS; it is being unwanted, uncared for and unloved. Mother Teresa did her part in trying to ‘cure’ this disease through everything she did.

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Theme: God first

In case you skip ahead to read what is coming next, you might already have noted that next Sunday’s Gospel confirms that Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He knows us. He also assures us that we can hear his voice and when we hear it, we recognize and follow him. Incidentally we seem to be bombarded every day with a cacophony of voices. Some speak the truth and offer enlightenment. Others, although they may have good intentions, speak for themselves. For this reason we need to listen carefully, pray intently and discern wisely which voices we will heed.

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