Theme: Joyful family

There is nothing moving in life than to hear another say, ‘I need you; I cannot do without you.’ This story points to the essence of what we celebrate on two levels today: the gift of the human family as the centre of shared need, sorrows, joys and hopes; and the gift of the Holy Family, where all those needs and hopes, sorrows and joys have been addressed with a love beyond all telling. Of all the ways that God may have chosen to communicate the gift of salvation, God chose to do it through the bonds of family.

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Theme: The Word dwelt among us

Throughout Advent there is a note of underlying joy and expectancy. It reaches its height on the 25th day of December as the feast of the birth of Christ. “He came into the world that was made through him” John 1:3. The world was not a strange place for Jesus; he was not a tourist visiting a foreign country. That is why what the world had become did not surprise him.

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Theme: God is with us

Humanity is a fragile community which needs to hear the words ‘do not be afraid’ every now and then. This exhortation against fear has enabled many to succeed where they would have failed, to stand firm where they would have been shaking and to overcome incredible challenges to the point of being heroes and witnesses. The exhortations ‘do not be afraid’ occurs 80 times in the bible. Each time we hear these words we are assured that God is ready for any obstacle. As the saying goes; no one can fabricate a lock without a key to open it.

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Theme: Saviour is born to you

The traditional trappings of the season and the notion that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus; make many of us get preoccupied with the Christmas tree and representations of a long-ago birth. Retelling the story certainly has its merits as long as all the ramifications and dimensions of that event take us beyond. Each Christmas we celebrate the birth, not only of a baby Jesus in Bethlehem; but of a universal saviour. Christmas plunges us into his past, present and future wondrous saving presence. Christmas invite us to reflect deeply the mystery of incarnation and to bring true peace from heaven to the whole world.

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Theme: Patience

What is heaven like? At one time or another, most of us have thought seriously about this question. Our imaginations about heaven vary depending on age, circumstances and life experiences. For some, heaven promises an end to pain, struggle and every human limitation. For others, heaven holds hope of reuniting with loved ones out of sight for a time. If we were to reword this question in a manner more in line with Advent, we might ask ‘what will it be like to meet Christ?’ For Isaiah and James and Matthew, the question was messianic in character.

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