Theme: God’s choice

Thomas Aquinas once remarked, ‘beware of person of one point of view!’ Narrowness, intolerance or living life this way is as much an injustice to the person so trapped as it is against others. To live in such an insular atmosphere wherein reality is interpreted narrowly is to willingly forfeit the richness which plurality and diversity affords to the human experience. To hold suspect and unorthodox that which is different simply because it is different is to choose to live a diminished existence. Today we are invited to shake ourselves free of ‘one view mentality’ by becoming appreciative of the Spirit of God which is at work in others even in those we least expect.

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Theme: Wisdom

Here goes a common saying: ‘Do all the good you can; by all the means you can; in all the ways you can; at all the times you can; to all the people you can and as long as you can’. This is likening of Christ who was described as someone who “went about doing good… because God was with him” Acts 10:38. Truly good people are who they are because of their good actions. Such people are simple and honest; their trust is visible and attractive because God is in them.

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Theme: New life

Society’s attitudes regarding its physically/mentally challenged members have evolved considerably through the centuries. Each generation, motivated by an ever-growing sensitivity has started to respect disability. Those with physical limitations, such as deafness or blindness are now described as hearing and visually challenged while children with learning difficulties are no longer called slow or dense; but appreciated as having special needs.

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Theme:  Who do you say I am?

Today the conditions for discipleship are little changed. Renunciation seems to be selective for what one wishes to tackle; while whole-hearted commitment for Jesus seems optional. Now Jesus posses a pertinent question, who do you say I am? Scaring as it sounds; it serves us to find our place in this society. The truth remains that the world we live in is crooked. We are a generation that wastes more resources than majority of us use for survival. We spend more on one fancy cup of coffee than the coffee picker earns in a week to keep his family alive.

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Theme: Regulations

Law is essentially a good to be valued. When honestly established and properly understood, carefully observed and equitably upheld; laws functions as a safeguard which protect each member of the human community. It is laws provide that necessary structure to foster the growth and development of individuals within their respective societies. Our Hebrew brethren refer to the law of this nature as Torah. A more comprehensive term than law, Torah means instruction/teaching originating from God’s revelation.

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