Theme: Make your life meaningful

God’s love for us is a mandate and a command. We need to respond not by mere feelings but with decisive conviction. Feelings come and go as they wish; instead love is a mandate, a choice, a decision, and a commitment to do things the best way possible. That is why Jesus is commanding us to love others.

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Theme: Not mere words but action

World Mission Sunday  

Today’s readings invite us to recognize the hand of God at work in human history while revealing a sense of the sacred within the most secular circumstance. Isaiah tells his contemporaries that their political fortunes are changing for the better, not simply because one earthly power is prevailing over another but because God has willed it to happen.

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Theme: Believe and be responsible

The ability to change one’s mind is a necessary aspect of Christian living. It is my responsibility as a believer to have my attitude aligned to the mind of God. This attitude is revealed throughout the Bible. The process of changing one’s mind results in a life-changing experience called conversion that is so deep to be termed a metanoia in Greek and shubh in Hebrew which means an about turn, seemlier to change of direction.

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Theme: Food and eternity

After toiling long hours, in a brutal climate, on rough terrain, with only the simplest implements, Israelites considered themselves fortunate to be able to provide a simple meal for their families; only to begin the whole laborious process all over again the next day. Thus the idea of a lavish free banquet at which every hunger could be treated was equivalent to paradise.

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Theme: God’s Justice

The major theme running through the Bible is ‘justice’. God is wholly just and we are invited to be instruments of justice. Yet the question is; what do we mean by justice? Some straight answers to these questions can be found in today’s liturgy. To comprehend God’s justice we are called to do some adjustments in our normal ways of thinking. When we cool down and start to trust in the grace of God, we shall realize that He is very near to us than we can imagine. What we have to take caution about is the acceptance that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are far beyond ours. In the words of the ancient psalmists, we have reason to celebrate because: “the Lord is gracious and merciful; the Lord is near to all who call... the Lord never treats us as our guilt and our sins deserve... so great is his love” Psalms. 145. Indeed, it is true that God is not fair because God is love!

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