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Theme: He reigns forever

Good numbers of you here present today in this Church have little first-hand experience of kings, queens and their royal reigns. Most nations and tribes of the world are no longer governed by monarchs and in those countries where royal families continue to perdure, their roles are usually limited to that of figureheads. In the 1970’s, Juan Carlos was honored as king of Spain and Elizabeth II of the House of Windsor has been Queen of England since 1952. Japan still venerates there Emperors, the Baganda have the Kabaka, and in Swaziland they have Muswati II; but of the world’s twenty-six remaining monarchs, few function in anything other than a symbolic capacity. In complete juxtaposition to these earthly sovereigns, whose reigns are limited and whose territorial dominions are relegated to only a certain geographical locale and portion of the world’s population, Jesus and his reign are forever and absolute.

Theme: No one knows the day or hour

Speculation about the end of time and the world as we know it is not unusual; seers and sages of all ages have been opining on this subject for centuries. However, whenever a millennial milestone looms on the horizon, speculation seems to soar to fever pitch. When year 2000 A.D was approaching, citizens of the world were bombarded with predictions which ranged anywhere from the horrifying to the amusing. Before that time way back in 1973, a group of 800 people, under the leadership of Richard Kieninger established a community in a rural area 100 miles southwest of Chicago. Believing that the end will come on May 5, 2000, the group hoped to survive by building lighter-than-air vehicles in which to float above the turmoil. Vincent Ferrer who lived around 1350-1419, a Spanish Dominican monk, basing his prediction on the number of verses in the Book of Psalms (2,537 verses), predicted the demise of the world in 3936 A.D

Theme: Complete trust is the perfect gift

Giving is a gentle act, best cultivated in hearts that know they have little to offer and everything to receive. Christian discipleship grows strong and vital amid a network of giving hearts because believers have been blessed with the greatest and the finest gift of all which is the love and the life of the Lord Jesus.

With only 35 days left for the country’s to host the Pope for the third time, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has completed rehabilitating most of the major roads the Papal convoy will use.

The Holy Father is expected to touch down at Entebbe International Airport on November 27 where he, after paying a courtesy call to State House will visit Munyonyo Shrine in Makindye Division.

Theme: I want to see!

We start with a story about abducted American Journalist. For seven years Terry A. Anderson a Chief Middle East Correspondent of the Associated Press was held hostage in Lebanon. He was physically and psychologically abused, beaten and tortured by his captors. Chained to a bed or to the wall and stripped to his nothingness, Anderson was kept blindfolded so as not to be able to recognize his whereabouts or subsequently reveal the identities of his guards. Deprived of physical sight and freedom, Anderson spent those seven years engaged in a spiritual discovery marked by an ever-deepening insight. Blindfolded in darkness, he discovered the inner light of grace that enabled him to look once again in faith at God, to see himself in stark truthfulness and humility and even to look upon his captors with a sense of understanding.

His probing spiritual perception led Anderson to seek reconciliation with and healing forgiveness from God. Through the ministry of Father Lawrence Jenco, a fellow hostage, Anderson rediscovered his faith. The following is Anderson’s prayer on that occasion: ‘Where is faith found? Not in a book or in a Church, not often or for everyone. In childish times, it’s easier; a child believes just what it’s told. But children grow and soon begin to see too much that doesn’t match the simple tales, and not enough of what’s behind their parents’ words.

Theme: The two shall become as one

In the course of the next few weeks, the Sunday gospels will portray Jesus embroiled in controversy with his contemporaries over issues such as marriage and divorce, commitment and discipleship, ambition and service. Two thousand years later, these issues have lost none of their relevance and once again we are invited to allow the challenge of the good news to speak to our collective and individual beliefs and experiences. The Jewish idea gives us the basis for the Christian ideal. The ancient Jewish term for marriage was kiddushin, a term that meant sanctification or consecration. Ordinarily, kiddushin signified the husband’s absolute consecration to his wife and of the wife to her husband. Each became an offering totally given to the other.

 25th Sunday in ordinary time year B

  1. Marriage Banns
  2. The National youth Symposium about the Pope’s Visit announced last week has been changed and rescheduled or Saturday 26th September at Nsambya Yes Centre starting at 8.00am. All youth are invited.
  3. The Catholic Women’s Guild members will have a Deanery meeting on Sunday 27th September, 2015 at Biina Parish. The meeting will start at 10.00am with mass.
  4. The Catholic Women’s Guild members of Mbuya Parish are invited for a meeting this Tuesday 22nd September, 2015 at 4.30pm.
  5. The Focolare Movement invites everyone for the word o life meeting on Sunday 27th September, 2015 at the Focolare Community Mbuya opposite Mbuya Barracks and next to the Vatican Embassy from 9.00am to 2.00pm. There will be mass.
  6. There will be a five days healing and deliverance retreat at the Vincentian retreat Centre Entebbe rom 29th September, 2015 to 3rd October, 2015.
  7. The Archdiocesian day will be on 25th October, 2015.
  8. We welcome among us two Deacons from Ggaba Seminary who have been assigned to our Parish for their Pastoral experience.There is a Parish council meeting today 20th September, 2015 starting at 10.30am in the Parish Hall.
    1. Deacon Afedra Festo
    2. Deacon Mukwasibwe Alex
  9. The Leadership Magazine, Munno Newspaper and Tithe envelopes are available.

Theme: Seeing with God’s eyes

Thomas Aquinas once remarked, ‘beware the person of one view!’ Narrowness, intolerance or living life according to only one point of view is as much an injustice to the person so trapped as it is against others.

To live in such an insular atmosphere wherein reality is interpreted from only one frame of reference is to willingly forfeit the richness and fullness which plurality and diversity afford to the human experience.

To hold suspect and unorthodox that which is different simply because it is different is to choose to live a diminished existence. But who would think like this? Who would opt to be so cut off from others?

Uganda Episcopal Conference press statement on the Visit of his Holiness Pope Francis to Uganda.

Click here to read and download pdf

Theme: Conscience is the way forward

Here goes a common saying: ‘Do all the good you can; by all the means you can; in all the ways you can; in all the places you can; at all the times you can; to all the people you can; as long as ever you can’. This is likening of Christ who was described as someone who “went about doing good… because God was with him” Acts 10:38. Truly good people are who they are and do what they do because they are responsive to the presence of God who enables and empowers them. Guileless and totally lacking in self-importance, the trusting innocence of a child’s heart is the place where believers can meet God. It is there that the docile will experience the power and presence of God. It is there that  the would-be disciples will learn what it means to be good, to do good and to persevere in goodness in spite of the hostility of those less responsive to God.

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