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"The Word is a gift. Other persons are a gift"

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Lent is a new beginning, a path leading to the certain goal of Easter, Christ’s victory over death. This season urgently calls us to conversion. Christians are asked to return to God “with all their hearts” (Joel 2:12), to refuse to settle for mediocrity and to grow in friendship with the Lord. Jesus is the faithful friend who never abandons us. Even when we sin, he patiently awaits our return; by that patient expectation, he shows us his readiness to forgive (cf. Homily, 8 January 2016).


Theme: Be Purified And Be Reconciled To God

My brothers and sisters in Christ, today we are entering a new season, one of penance and mortification. Together, we have gathered here to celebrate “Ash Wednesday,” the first of forty days of the Lenten Season that precedes Easter. On this special occasion, we are called to be reconciled to God. Through the sacramental of ashes that is symbolic of penance, we are reminded that we as sinners are but dust and ashes cf. Genesis 18:27

Today, in preparation for the joy of Easter that approaches, we need to call upon the mercy of the Lord Jesus, asking Him for His blessings and forgiveness for the Heavenly Father does not want us to die but to live with the risen Christ who reigns forever and ever. As such, through the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, we ought to prepare ourselves to celebrate the death and glorious Resurrection of Christ our Saviour by being cleansed from our sins through a renewal of spirit.


Theme: Trusting in providence

In order to develop a sincere relationship with our creator, we need to be convinced that we have a parental God, who loves, creates, redeems, forgives and renews all peoples. It is common knowledge that God is abundant in his providence and caring and is concerned with and for all our needs. When we are made confident by God’s love and freed by his attentiveness, we can serve wholeheartedly in a manner worthy of the blessings we have received. This must be our aim and goal in today’s liturgy.


Theme: Be perfect

Daring to achieve the best is an instinct compatible to a human person. In line with normal inclinations, a request is being put before us today that we are invited to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. This exhortation forms an inclusion around our liturgy today. Within this set standard we can trace the development of Judaism’s ethical vision and its subsequent reinforcement by Jesus upon his disciples and also its implications for any Christian community. To follow Jesus is not a mini plan action. One needs to be fully set and determined.


Theme: The significance of Law

Since time in memorial, the law and its practice has been variously assessed and appreciated throughout the course of human history. It is clear knowledge that the net of the law is spread so wide; to the extent that no one can hide from it. Its meshes are so fine and thin, yet they take in every one’s of wrong. The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep where they are not authorized, to hurt another person and to steal as common necessities as bread. It is mere common sense that the law, once promulgated, it has to be respected. But what is Law? Law is a discipline and a profession concerned with the customs, practices and rules of a community that are recognized as binding by that community.


Theme: Taste and See!

Centuries before Jesus, an unnamed psalmist invited his community to “taste and see the goodness of the Lord” Psalm 34:9. Since its composition, Psalm 34 has been classified as a thanksgiving prayer by which any one with an intention to praise God found fitting expressions. Tasting and seeing refers to that knowledge which has been gained, not through any informative process, instead it is existential and experiential in nature and manner. Tasting and seeing comes from being the kind of person we are. When Jesus addressed his disciples as the salt of the earth and the light of the world, he thereby charged each of his followers to be the kind of person in whom others could taste and see the goodness of the Lord.


Theme: Trusting in the Lord is our success

What memories do we have when we celebrate our Independence Day? History tells us that on 9th October 1962, Uganda declare her independence from the British rule. Independence means self-rule which determines a nation’s direction, goals and priorities. With the same mindset, the reading we have today invites us to consider a similar perspective whereby we acknowledge being free citizens of a new world depending solely on God.


Theme: Those walking in darkness have seen a great light.

Apart from those who live in the polar regions of our planet, most of the peoples of this earth experience day and night on a daily basis. In addition to the routine occurrences of sunrise and sunset, there are other experiences of light and darkness which may lend themselves to a fuller understanding of today’s scripture readings. Eclipses of the sun and moon, misconstrued and feared by the people of old, sum up the experience of darkness and light into a few minutes. Before these phenomena were understood by scientists, eclipses were regarded as portents of evil, offering cosmic commentary regarding some earthly crisis; these days this is no longer the interpretation. Survivors of wars narrate the dreaded blackouts whereby every window was darkened or covered to prevent enemy from detecting a target for their attack.


As a member of Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church community, what comes to mind when you hear the name Reach Out Mbuya (ROM)?

That is the question we asked key stakeholders at the Reach Out strategy retreat. The answers were varied, underscoring the need for deeper engagement with all concerned on a continuous basis. As a member of the Mbuya community, you are one of our stakeholders: What comes to mind when you hear the name Reach Out? What changes would you like to see at Reach Out? What kind of support can you give to Reach Out? In the next five years, where would you like to see Reach Out in terms of brand visibility, service offering and community engagement priority areas?


Theme: Called, consecrated and commissioned

Recently, I was invited by friends to participate in the baptism of their newborn son. As I watched and listened, the celebrant asked the traditional questions of the baptismal rite. . . Who presents this child for baptism?. .What do you ask for your child?.. What name have you chosen for your child?...Naturally, the baby, only weeks old, was unresponsive to the questions, except for a little crying and gurgling, he was a rather passive participant at his own Baptism. His parents and God-parents responded to the celebrant’s questions for him and it appeared to be obvious to all present that these loving parents would continue to be responsive and responsible for their son until such time as he was capable of doing so for himself.

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