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  • Our Lady of Africa Choir

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    Our Lady of Africa Choir is a Catholic group of voluntary singers whose ministry is carried out primarily at the Our Lady of Africa Catholic Parish, Mbuya, and East of Kampala city. It falls in the realm of the Naguru Deanery and the Kampala Archdiocese.

    Of the four choirs that are active in the Parish, Our Lady of Africa Choir is the oldest. Its primary role is animating the 9.00am Mass at Church every Sunday. The age-group of the membership varies from 8 - 65yrs with some of its founder members proudly still being active. It currently boasts a membership of 60.

    The Choir practices at the Church premises every Sunday from 10.30am to 12.30pm after the 9.00am Mass.

    Our Lady of Africa Choir sings a variety of hymns and songs in several of our local Ugandan dialects notably, Luganda, Ateso, Lugbara, Luo, Runyankole-Rukiga, Rutooro, Lusoga, Lugisu and Samia, Akaramojong, We also use international languages such as English, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Kiswahili and other local foreign dialects in our neighbouring countries of the Democratic Republic of Congo, (Lingala) and Rwanda (Kinyarwanda), South Africa (Sotho, Zulu, Tswana) and Nigeria (Igbo). 

    The Choir sings at weddings, thanksgiving ceremonies, baptism, and requiem masses in both Catholic and Anglican Churches. It has the privilege to have participated in the prestigious International Music Festivals such as Inter-diocese Catholic Church Choirs Music Festival (ICCCMA) which is yearly and involves countries in the SADEC region namely; (Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa and Swaziland). It has presented annual Christmas and Easter carol services at the Parish Church in Mbuya, Luzira Maximum Prisons and at Corporate Functions such as DFCU and Stanbic bank end of year Christmas party, State house Thanksgiving service and has also regularly performed alongside other Choirs on invitation within Kampala and other parts of Uganda as well as outside Uganda including in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

    The Choir can be contactedthrough the Chairperson, Mrs. Maria Oitamong (075-9-800002); the Choir Secretary, Ms. Anette Twagalana (077-2-571300) or the Choir Director, Mr. Bruno Peter Paul Odwori (070-4-923167) 

    Members of the Choir Executive: 

    Chairman:                            Mrs. Maria Apoo Oitamong

    Vice Chairperson:                  Mr. Eric Kamunvi

    Secretary General:                 Mr. Twagalana Annette

    Deputy Secretary General       Mr. Lutwa Joseph

    Treasurer:                            Ms. Nakato Jennifer

    Public Relations:                   Ms. Juanita Magimbi

    Deputy Public Relations:        Ms. Joan Banura

    Liturgical Secretary:              Sr. Simon peter Abooki

    Liturgical Secretary:              Mr. Wycliff Swinnerstone

    Welfare Officer:                    Ms. Ajimo Goretti

    Deputy Welfare Officer:         Mr. Anthony Wamala

    Librarian:                            Miss. Susan Apio

    Deputy Librarian:                 Miss. Phiona Wanican

    Choir Director:                     Mr. Bruno Peter Paul Odwori

    Voice Leaders:                                   

    Soprano:                             Ms. Amito (Soprano)

    Alto:                                   Ms. Wanican Phiona

    Tenor:                                 Mr. Kaija Deogratias

    Ass Tenor:                           Mr. Akera Lawrence

    Bass:                                  Mr. Opoti Denis Jalmeo  

    Asst. Bass:                          Mr. Wamala Anthony  

  • St. Paul Choir Mbuya Parish profile


    St Paul Choir was formed in 1980 in Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Parish, Kampala after a merger between the Luo Choir, and the Alur Choir. The Choir leads the congregation/worshippers in singing at the 11:00 am (11 o’clock) mass every Sunday at Our Lady of Africa Church, Mbuya. The hymns/songs sang cover various cultures all over the world.

    Membership to this choir is open to all and currently there are over seventy five (75) members from various walks of life who volunteer to sing whenever called upon.

    Besides praising and worshipping the Lord during the Sunday celebration of Eucharist, the Choir also participates in singing at both catholic and Anglican private functions like Baptism, weddings, funerals and last funeral rites, thanksgiving occasions, and any other customized functions in which they are obliged to participate.

    The choir also participates in music festivals like the Ecumenical Festival of Christian music and it is privileged to have been in the East African music festival in Kigali Rwanda and Nairobi, Kenya; which is yearly and involves countries in the East African region namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

    The choir strives to produce good sound and in that regard, they use both indigenous and modern musical instruments like the harps (adungus), shakers, olang (bells), drums, guitars, pianos to mention but a few.


    To be an evangelizing, self-reliant, culturally diverse model choir."


    To inspire spirituality of Christians and develop members' talents through professional singing.


    We sing for the lord.


    St Paul Choir hosts annual carols in and out of the Parish. We do both the Easter and Christmas carols. The choir has also introduced carol presentations to mark the feast of St Peter and St Paul, which is commemorated on June 29. So far, we have celebrated this magnificent occasion together with the St Paul Youth Choir from St Michaels Cathedral Parish, Kigali, Rwanda. This event can only grow bigger as many other choirs that have St Paul as their patron Saint participate in the coming years.


    The choir is undertaking a number of other projects, these include;

    The St Paul Sunday school

    The Children’s Sunday School as perceived by the choir is a source for fresh, creative Children's Ministry resources, Sunday school lessons for children, Bible crafts, activities, object lessons, stories, skits, games, songs and much more. A very exciting way of helping the children to understand the Sunday messages.

    Savings and Credit

    St Paul Choir was facilitated by the former Vice President of Uganda; Dr. Specioza Wandira Naigaga to start up a SACCOs. This is an ongoing project and very soon, members and all other interested persons will begin saving money. This will greatly improve the economic livelihoods of especially the members. It is also important to note that this group will not conflict with the already existing savings group that is already in existence in the Parish.

    Community service

    St Paul choir has also taken on the corporate social responsibility. This is a new annual event in which the choir chooses an area of concern/need in the society and then together with the Parish try to address it accordingly. One such example was the visit to the Women’s wing of the Uganda Prisons service, Luzira. This was on Good Friday and the choir did this as a way of carrying their own cross. The visit was mainly intended for the children that are in detention because their mothers are inmates. We were able to mobilize children items like toys and also other necessities like sugar, soap, and sanitary pads for the women. We were accompanied by the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Internal Affairs, led by their chairman Hon. Fred Muwuuma.

    Watch this space for the next community work schedule and be a part of it.


    Mbuya Parish Choirs have been blessed with music equipment and trained music personnel to enhance the singing. However, there are many other choirs in some parishes that do not have the means. In that regard therefore; the Christians in those parishes do not get to appreciate choral music to the fullest. St Paul Choir has hence forth decided to work with some of the choirs and parishes. We have made contacts, visited parishes, and celebrated mass with them. We have been to Gulu, Katakwi, Nairobi, Kigali, Jinja, Mukono, Kitgum, and we are open to any other parish that needs our services.

    practice days

    Our practices are done at the Church premises every Tuesday and Thursday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm and every Sunday from 12.30pm to 2.00pm after the 11.00am Mass.

    How to join

    We welcome you to join our big family. Membership is open to every one. Each member contributes Ugx1000 membership fees on joining the choir and an annual subscription of Ugx2000 only which is geared towards supporting the choir. You can join the choir by simply walking in during the practice days on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays after the 11 O'clock mass where you will be given a registration form to fill or alternatively download the form here and fill then hand it over to the choir Leadership.

    For more information, Contact us now on the numbers below.


    We invite you to support our work of evangilization through singing by supporting all our projects. The finacial assistance you give will go miles to support the choir's welfare and projects. You can donate to the choir through the Parish here. or call any contact below.


    The choir can be reached through the Parish office and postal address; or directly through the following Phone contacts:     

     +256772587668  – Pidson Twesigyemukama (Chairman)

                     +256 700 907 373 – Onen Edward (General Secretary)

                     +256 776 070 487 - Ojilong Ronald (Treasurer)

                     +256 776 437950 – Rachel K. Sebudde (Patron)

                  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Sunday Masses

Luganda: 7:30 am.  English: 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 5;00 pm.

Crowd possible, please don't be late! May God bless you!

About Our Church

Welcome to Our Lady of Africa Parish Mbuya. We are located near Bugolobi Township in Nakawa Division. It is about 5 kms from the City Centre of Kampala. Mbuya Catholic Parish is a vibrant and diverse community made up of people from different parts of Uganda. We welcome you warmly and joyfully.

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