1. Marriage Banns, click here to view
  2. Today is married couples’ day in our parish. We congratulate all the couples. They will celebrate in the 9am mass and thereafter assemble at the kindergarten
  3. Reach Out Mbuya announces the job opportunity of a Strategic Development and Research Officer. Application should not be later than 14th November 2018. Details on the notice board.
  4. Namilyango annual general meeting for the Old Boy Association is today 4th November 2018 starting at 10:30am
  5. Retreat for the jobless, Debtors and unmarried will be at Retreat Centre Kitemu- Nsangi from 7th- 10th November 2018
  6. Again Reach out Mbuya announces the job opportunity of a clinical services coordinator and Account Assistant. Application should not be later than 14th November 2018. Details are on the notice board
  7. Sunday 18th November 2018 will be the Final Commitment for children who have already received the sacrament of confirmation.
  8. The Daughter of St. Paul have a display and tale of books and Audio visuals outside the church under the shade, we are encouraged to buy the spiritual books on display.
  9. Marriage lessons for couples wedding in December 2018 and January 2019 and February 2019 starts tomorrow 5th November 2018 at 5pm
  10. The meeting for the Charity Run will be on Wednesday 7th November 2018 starting at 5:30pm
  11. Charity Run tickets are on sale at 5,000/= for children, 10,000/=for youth/ student and 20,000/= for adults outside the church and in the parish office
  12. Catholic primary teachers are needed. Bring your application forms to the parish office not later than Sunday 11th November 2018
  13. We are encouraged to offer masses for our departed parents, grand-parents, relatives and friends. The cards where you write their names are available in the parish office. Don’t forget to give your offering for the mass
  14. The Tithe Envelopes and Comboni Seminary envelopes are available
  15. You are encouraged to visit our Book Centre in the Comboni House (next building to the church). It is always open and spiritual books are available at the Book Centre

  1. Marriage banns, click here to view
  2. Today is World Mission Sunday. We thank God for the gift of Missionaries. We pray for the Missionary activity of the church. All the baptized are called to be Missionaries. Today we collect Money to support the Missionary work of the universal church.
  3. The New traces Magazine entitled “You are the hope of the World” is on sale outside the church at a cost of Ugx3,000 only.
  4. The New Leadership Magazine entitled Missionary work is on sale outside the church at a cost of Ugx3,500 only.
  5. The new Leadership Calendar 2019 is on sale at Ugx5000 only.
  6. Next Sunday 28th October will be the day of the Archdiocese at Rubaga Cathedral. All those who would like to go should register their names at the Parish office so as to organize transport. We shall leave at 9.00am and Mass will start at 10.00am.
  7. Uganda Martyrs University will celebrate the silver jubilee on 9th November 2018 and there will be a fundraising walk on Saturday 27th October at Lubaga starting at 7.00am. We are all invited.
  8. Reachout Mbuya announces the bidding of procurement of various items. The details are on the notice board.
  9. Let us continue to pray the Rosary during this month of the Missions.
  10. We thank all the parents who sent their children last Saturday for their pilgrimage to Namugongo and the gifts you gave the children for the needy children at the children’s home.
  11. We thank all those who participated yesterday in the pilgrimage to Namugongo. May the good Lord answer your prayers.
  12. The tickets for the Reach out Charity run are available and we are encouraged to buy them to support the children affected by HIV. Tickest cost 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000.
  13. Tithe envelopes are available.

  1. Marriage banns
  2. We thank God today for the children who will receive their First Holy Communion during the 11 O’clock Mass. We thank the parents and relatives for encouraging them. We thank the catechists who prepared them.
  3. Marriage lessons continue tomorrow Monday 18th June 2018 for couples wedding in July to September 2018. Lessons start at 5.00pm.
  4. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal Mbuya invite all Christians to a healing service next Sunday 24th June 17, 2018 starting at 2.30pm.
  5. Today we welcome the Christians of St. Matia Mulumba Kiswa Kataza Sub parish who have come for pilgrimage to the Parish.
  6. Today we welcome the Christians of St. Andrew Kaggwa Bugolobi sub parish who have come for pilgrimage to the parish in the 9.00am mass.
  7. The New Traces Magazine entitled “At the heart of young people is on sale outside the church at a cost of UGX3,000.
  8. We thank all those who have contributed a door or doors to the priests’ house of Banda. In case there is anyone who still wants to contribute a door, you are welcome. Each door costs ugx450,000.
  9. The Parish Executive will meet on Thursday 21st June 2018 at 5pm. The Catechists and Ssabakristus of sub parishes should attend.
  10. The Head teacher of St. Henry’s College Kitovu invites the old boys to their Annual Day Celebrations on Saturday 7th July, 2018 starting with Holy Mass at 10am at the school in Masaka.
  11. Tithe Envelopes are available.

  1. Marriage banns, click here to view
  2. The healing service organized by the catholic charismatic renewal is today 24th June starting at 2:30pm. We are all informed and invited.
  3. All those who would like to baptize their children during the month of July should come for instructions this Saturday 30th June starting at 3:30pm
  4. There will be a special mass to celebrate, St Peter and St Paul this Friday 29th June organized by St Paul choir. The mass will start at 6:30pm after adoration and we are all invited.
  5. We kindly ask parents to register children at the parish office to start catechism classes in preparation for the sacrament of Holy Communion. Catechism classes are on-going every Saturday at St Kizito Primary School, Bugolobi.
  6. All members of the vocation group are informed that their meeting will take place today 24th June starting at 12:45pm after the 11am mass at the Kindergarten. New members are welcomed.
  7. Banda Sub-parish will celebrate their Patron Saint day on Sunday 1st July in banda, next to Kyabongo college
  8. The Holy childhood day will be on Sunday 8th July. In preparation for that day, members of the Pontical Missionary Societies are selling uniforms for children outside the church at the shade. Parents are encouraged to buy for their children. The aim is to prepare children to care and minister to one another.
  9. Today being the last Sunday of the month, we shall have a SAAFU second collection. Last month, the SAAFU collection was 1,876,700/=. We thank you so much for your generosity and may the almighty God bless you abundantly.
  10. The Tithe Envelopes are available. We thank all of you support your parish by giving your tithe and may the loving Father who sees what you do in secret rewards you abundantly.

Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ.

  1. Marriage banns, click here
  2. Infant Baptism will be today afgter the 11am mass.
  3. There will be a liturgy workshop on Saturday 16th June starting at 9am at the kindergarten hall. The workshop is for choir members, Readers, Ushers, catechists. Those to attend should register at the parish office.
  4. The children to receive first Holy Communion next Sunday 17th June must come for confession and final preparations this Saturday 16th June after the morning mass starting at 7.30am.
  5. The Christians of Kiswa will make pilgrimage to the parish next sunday in the 7.30am mass and the Christians of Bugolobi in the 9am mass.
  6. The Parish Executive meeting will be on Thursday 21st June 2018 at 5pm.
  7. Marriage lessons for couples wedding in August and September will start tomorrow Monday 11th June and 5pm.
  8. The Old girls of St. Peters College Warr in Zombo district Nebbi Catholic Diocese would like to invite old girls and well wishers to a thanksgiving mass on 17th June, 2018 at Biina Catholic Parish at 11am and thereafter a fundraising. The main celebrant will be Rev. Fr. Alfred Ogwokotho.
  9. We thank all those who have contributed a door or doors to the priests house of Banda. Incase there is anyone who still wants to contribute a door, you are welcome. Each door costs UGX450,000.
  10. The tithe envelopes are available.
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