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Reach Out Mbuya needs you!

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As a member of Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church community, what comes to mind when you hear the name Reach Out Mbuya (ROM)?

That is the question we asked key stakeholders at the Reach Out strategy retreat. The answers were varied, underscoring the need for deeper engagement with all concerned on a continuous basis. As a member of the Mbuya community, you are one of our stakeholders: What comes to mind when you hear the name Reach Out? What changes would you like to see at Reach Out?

What kind of support can you give to Reach Out? In the next five years, where would you like to see Reach Out in terms of brand visibility, service offering and community engagement priority areas?

Take time off your busy day and visit Reach Out Mbuya offices to learn more about our activities.

ROM was started as a project initiative under Our Lady of Africa Church Mbuya in May 2001, with a goal of restoring hope to people suffering greatly from HIV/Aids majority of who did not have access to medical care due to lack of funds to pay fees at local hospitals and for transport. Over the years, ROM’s role has transformed in line with the needs of our clients. Their needs are changing. So should ROM.

When patients first get enrolled at ROM, they need urgent medical attention. However, once they get good care and regain their health, new pressures arise; they need on-going medication, incomes to run their families and keep their children/ dependants in school; as well as put food on the table. In addition to offering good outreach services and home care, we need to empower those infected and affected by life threatening illness with sustainable income options. How does Reach Out meet these growing needs?

The answer is you. We need your support and participation in whatever way you can. We need volunteers, resource mobilizers, educators, advisors and professionals to help grow the organization.

Presently, over 85% of ROM’s funding comes from a US based donor. With the changes in the American leadership, and the new politics of ‘America first’, no one is certain of the continuity of cooperation in the areas of health support. We must proactively work together to diversify revenue sources and focus on local resource mobilization, increase un restricted financing from social entrepreneurship, while adopting modern ways of managing NGOs by running them as a business on the revenue side and as NGOs on the expenditure side, with a focus on stakeholder value for money.

We invite you to contact the Parish Priest, our Executive Director or me directly, the Finance Chair of the Board, with any ideas or support you think could reposition ROM for unprecedented future success as we forge a new way forward in our strategic plan 2017-2020. Thanks for your prayers.

Our normal series to continue next weekend.

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