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Message of the Parish Priest on Parish Day 2020

Written by Rev. Fr. Anthony Kibira Kimbowa
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“Do whatever He tells you!” (John 2, 5)

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ! The Peace and Love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!

I have very fond memories of the successful celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of our parish last year. The theme that accompanied us during last year was: “Journeying with Christ”. I am very sure that we have continued to journey with Him. This year’s Parish Day falls in a time when we cannot all gather as a parish community. The covid-19 pandemic has, in a way, scattered us. However, I strongly believe that we are spiritually united with one another.

The standing lockdown has reminded us of our need for God at all times. It is in His presence that we live and move (Acts 17, 28). Even if we couldn’t assembly for the usual liturgical encounters, He has been always with us. We are grateful to Him for His protection and providence especially during this time of the pandemic. I am sure we all carry a burning desire in our hearts and longing for a time when we shall be able to reassemble for the encounter with the Risen Lord in the Eucharist. Before the lockdown is lifted, let us continue to be Church in our families. Let us pray together and take good care of each other! That is what it means to be a domestic church. Our desire is best expressed with the words of the psalmist: “I rejoiced when I heard them say: let us go to God’s house” (Ps 122, 1).

I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued generosity in supporting the pastoral work in our parish. You have always surprised me with the love you have for our parish community. Even amidst the lockdown we have managed to achieve a lot, or better said, God has achieved a lot through you. May the good Lord reward you abundantly! We have had to reset our priorities especially in regard with the implementation of the parish projects. We wait for the Covid-storm to calm down so that we can pick them up. My heartfelt gratitude to you all, in a special way, for the charity that you have extended to our brothers and sisters who have been hit badly in this lockdown! Your generous response to our charity appeal enabled us to reach out to the vulnerable members of our parish community. I can’t forget to express my thanks to our communication team that has worked tirelessly to see to it that we live stream all the prayer moments that we have held in the parish in the last five months. The team has also helped a lot to reach out to the neediest with the food that we mobilized from the parish community.

As we celebrate our Parish Day let us listen to what our mother Mary tells us: “Do whatever He tells you!” (John 2, 5) What the Master is telling us today is: “Don’t be afraid! (Mt 14, 27). With this word, Jesus wants to take away our fears. We shouldn’t allow our fears to neither paralyze us nor force us to spread panic. God has a lot in store for us. May our trust in the living God carry us through the present uncertainty. If there are still some in our parish community who are in need of food, the Master is telling us: “Give them to eat yourselves!” (Mt 14, 16). Solidarity and sensitivity to the needs of others are virtues that have characterized our community. May we continue cultivating them as we journey and grow together!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Fr. Anthony Kimbowa Kibira mccj


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