Theme: To you Lord I surrender

God’s ways are not always our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts, yet what we can be sure of is that any human life lived in faith and spent in attending to the will of God, becomes meaningful since only God can provide true and durable life trends. Our concern today is the struggle of knowing and living God’s will even when such knowledge and the life-style entail suffering.

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Theme: Who has the key?

Today’s readings put the notion of authority before us. We ought to keep in mind right from the start that authority is not an easy concept to define. Although it is perhaps most often associated with legitimate power, authority and power are not necessarily the same thing. For example, a mugger with a weapon has power over his/her victim, but no valid authority. On the other hand, authentic authority does have something to do with influencing the thinking and behavior of people. The Lord Jesus is inviting us to have the keys that can open for us the doors of true authority.

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Theme: Present in peace and in panic

Above the office door of the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, hung a stone plaque inscribed with the words: Called or Not, God is Present. Jung’s sign summarized in a few words what the Bible has put forth in thousands of words indicating that the transcendent almighty God chooses to be with humanity, to communicate and move among us whether is called or not. Even a simple reading of Scripture will reveal that numerous human experiences of God were underscored by the assurance of God’s presence. Words such as: ‘I am with you’ are from God encouraging Abraham in Genesis 17:7 and ultimately, the steady presence of God took a name, Emmanuel in Isaiah 7:14.

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Theme: Ambassadors and Companions

Any good relations among nations begin with good relationships between individuals. In the light of this, we have the duty to develop the necessary reverence for the differences that exist among us without which a mature and honest interaction cannot occur. Every Baptized person should be an ambassador of common good. On this earth we are all foreigners thus reverence for the diversity that exists among us should be respected; without this, a mature and honest interaction cannot occur. Today we need to affirm that God’s saving plan for humanity admits of no exclusiveness. The covenant offered by God to his people has no limitations regarding race, gender or ethnicity.

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Theme: Come, eat, listen, learn and live

Researchers on world nutrition report that for 2/3 of our population lack of food daily. This class of people does not experience the slightest twinge of abdominal rumbling which may occur if a meal is skipped. There is also a group of people in deep pain, sunken-eyes, emaciating bodies with a type of hunger which is virtually starvation. In reality, every day, at least 1500 people die of hunger. To further compound this situation, billions of dollars are spent annually on a variety of weight loss products and programs because 1/3 of the world’s population is bursting with 75% of its food supply. For some of us who are among the fortunate that physical hunger is not a routine experience, it may be difficult to appreciate the impact of today’s readings but try to fit in.

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