Christmas Day - Solemnity

An endless hug of love

Readings: Is 52,7-10; Ps 98,1-2.3ab.3cd-4.5-6; Heb 1,1-6; Jn 1,1-18

The Danish theologian and philosopher Sören Kierkegaard once said: „The two worlds that have always been separated, the divine and the human have collided with Christ. A collision not for an explosion, but for a hug.“ Christmas is here. It is a meeting of the world of God and the world of human beings through an eternal hug that can never be destroyed. In the mystery of Christmas we contemplate an encounter between the divine and the human taking place in an endless hug of love.

Celebrating Christmas amidst the limitations of the Covid-19 pandemic is an invitation for us to allow the Lord who has delight in us to embrace us in our struggles. If there is anything we have missed during this time, it is the hug and closeness to each other, for we must keep social diatance. It is really Good News that God chose to share our human nature. He wants to be near us. The  prophet Isaiah wishes for a „breaking-forth into singing“ (first reading) because the waste places of Jerusalem have been turned into a living space. Truly our God reigns. He has come to establish His Kingdom among us. This Kingdom includes everybody, for all the nations see God’s merciful love. Is it really true that all the nations have seen it? What about those who try to do things without God?

The letter to the Hebrews (second reading)  tells us about the art of communication that God has chosen to enter with the world. In times past, He spoke through prophets, but when the fulness of time came, He spoke to us through His beloved Son. He brings his first-born into the world so that he can claim us all for his sons and daughters. Let us never run away from the endless hug of love that God has offered us in Christ.

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us (Gospel). Yes. We celebrate this mystery at Christmas, but we ought to accept the challenge of not taking this as an event that happened in the past. He became man and lives in us. We have seen His glory. We have allowed ourselves to be embraced. This embrace changes us. As people who have seen His glory and are now joining the choir of angels to sing it, let us make it visible in the way we treat others, in the way we relate to others. The Saviour’s birth has brought light into the world. Let us put aside the works of darkness like hatred, greed for power, pride, arrogance, immorality, selfishness, corruption and embrace the light of truth and brotherhood.

If God’s love has moved Him to come closer to us in Christ, then let us not run away from being touched by love. It is this love that is going to flow through us in order to reach those who are at a risk of not being loved at all. From His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. Let us then work towards solidarity with the less privileged. The God-with-us wants to work through us so that His hug of love can bring warmth into our cold relationships. Indifferent people can’t celebrate Christmas. May the favour which God showed Mary by chosing her to be the mother of His Son flow over us and through us to all especially those who find themselves in challenging life-situations! Glory to God in the highest heaven and PEACE to people on earth who celebrate Christmas!

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