The Most Holy Trinity - Solemnity

1st reading ( Proverbs  8: 22-31)

This is a reading on the praise of wisdom. We are not just dealing with worldly wisdom but the wisdom of God.

This speculation about wisdom was moving towards the revelation of the mystery of the Trinity.

2nd reading ( Romans 5: 1-5)

Christ made it possible for us to have a sharing in time of glory, a hope which sustains us even in times of suffering. It is the HolySpirit who helps us to recognize the Father's love for us.

Gospel ( John16: 12-16)

The Holyspirit carries on in the Church the work of Jesus. He helps us to grasp the full meaning of all Jesus said and did. What Jesus did was reveal the Father to us.

It is important to have a correct concept or image of God. How can we pray properly or how can we have a proper relationship with God if we have a false or inadequate image of him?

Today we celebrate the feast of the Most Blessed Trinity. For a Christian, every day is a day of love and honor for the Father, the Son, and the Holyspirit. The mystery of the Trinity is incomprehensible, yet it is so simple when you live it. 

Christ is the image of the invisible God. To see Jesus is to see the Father and the Holyspirit as a gift from both. He is the bond of love between the Father and the Son.

The mystery of the Trinity is not something to argue about. It is something to pray for and live.

God is my Father, I am his child. He loves me even though not worthy of his love.

Christ the son is my brother. He died and rose for me. Through him, all other people have become my brothers and sisters. The Holyspirit is a bond between us all. That is not too hard to understand.

May the Almighty God help us to have a childlike faith in the Trinity.


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