16th Sunday in ordinary time, year C

Readings: Genesis 18:1-10, Psalm 15:2-5, Coll0sians 1:24-28, Luke 10: 38-42

The secret to being blessed by God

Dear brothers and sisters, the secret to tapping blessing from God is unveiled to us today. We are being given a simple formular of how to tap more blessings from God. This is what most of us are seeking for. Many are looking for breakthroughs and favors as it is often said today. As often typical in the holy scriptures, God reveals himself to humanity and extends his blessing upon us in a simple way, foreign to our expectations.

We can say Abraham sought a favor, a breakthrough, but even without him coming openly to ask God for a son, God knew his plight. Abraham was a man of faith but let us imagine what he went through, at his age childless, yet he did not stop hoping. God knows our plight; God knows what you are going through and what you need. At the proper time he will deliver you from that shame, from that agony, from that pain, from that ridicule that others are putting upon you because of your condition.

But he comes to us disguised as a needy person, disguised as one who needs our help more than we need his because he shows himself to us in the face of the poor, the needy. God appears to us in a human form not only at the incarnation but also many times when he wants to communicate to us, he uses human faces like ours which we can identify ourselves with, the needy faces, the hungry faces, the suffering faces. Abraham recognized God in these three men and saw he bowed before them. In our everyday life do we bow to the poor or the needy? Definitely not, we expect them to bow for us such that we can offer them what they need. But instead, Abraham’s gesture in the first reading shows us that we must bow at the service of the poor and the needy because serving them is serving God as depicted in Mathew 25; (whatsoever you do to the least, you do unto me). We must be able to say to the needy do not pass me by, wash your feet and refresh yourself. These are the words that invite God to us. whenever we are hospitable to the poor, when we open our doors to them, we are actually hosting God and giving him space in our lives. And whatever we offer them returns to us in an abundance of blessings.

When you bless others then you will be blessed too. We must remember and note that Abraham on offering hospitality to the three men gave his best. He told Sarah to knead dough with the best flour, he slaughtered a fine and tender calf. He did not give the worst of what he had or the leftovers of what he had eaten, he gave the best. Let’s learn to give the best when we help the needy, not to give what we no longer want, or leftovers of our meals, or what we need to through away, but the best. Do not make the needy people your dust bin. If you do this then blessings will be yours. This is the generosity that is pleasing to God. God knew they needed a son, and that’s what the three men promised. There are blessings in giving. Give your best and the Lord will give you his best.

Called to listen to God and serve him

Today’s gospel passage presents us with two very important aspects of our relationship with God. Like Mary and Martha, we are called to integrate the two aspects of listening to the word of God and acting upon it through our service. We must not be preoccupied with a doing which is not born out of listening. Jesus exults Mary because she chose to first listen, a listening that would not lave her seated always but that would evoke a desire to service. The two aspects are both vital as we serve God but our service must be born out of listening. Discipleship starts by seating at the foot of Jesus, listening to him and learning from him. In the second reading, saint Paul exclaims that “it makes me happy to be suffering for you now”. Can we say similar words as we stive for others, not for ourselves? Sweat for others and not only our families and relatives? If we did so, then we would not need wall fences around our homes. Because these are brought about by the insecurity we feel. We are afarid of the poor because they will steal in order to try to support themselves. The service, like of Martha must be given to those who need it. If we support and bless others with our blessings, then we will be at peace. Change the life of someone and God will make yours even better. That’s the secret of taping God’s blessings

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