Second Sunday in ordinary time, Year A

Readings: Is 49:3.5-6 Ps 40:2,4.7-8,8-9.10 1Cor 1:1-3 John 1:29-34

Our vocation: Showing Christ to others

The Gospel of this Sunday presents John the Baptist as a witness of the Lamb of God, the one who recognizes Jesus as sent by the Father and on whom the Holy Spirit rests. John's point of view is fascinating. It is the way of those who focus on what really matters, that is, the essential. John the Baptist proposes an encounter with Christ for his disciples. He detaches from them in order that they may be attached to Christ. He does this through an invitation to gaze at Jesus, Behold the lamb of God. It is a call to turn our attention to him from whom we have our sins forgiven. He who is the sacrifice offered by the father for the expiation of our sins.

At times people worry about their circle of friends, whom they associate with and even who is attracted to them. However, the action of john reminds us that even in our relationships, God must be at the center. We must attract people not to ourselves but to Christ. We must be like the four friends who carried their friend on a mat, lowered him through the roof such that he may have the healing of Christ. (Mark 2:1-12) This requires humility and the conviction that when we are with Christ, we are at peace, we are healed and we are forgiven.

John urges us to fix our gaze on the Lamb of God. It is essential to move from John to Jesus. We must not seek the means and remain there we must seek the final end which is union which the Christ. Do people feel the desire to meet Christ when they hear us speak? Or through our actions? As disciples, the most important thing is to encounter Christ. The rest is secondary. The most important grace we can seek is to meet Christ in the different conditions be it good or bad. To be able to cultivate a personal relationship with Him. We often and generally go to Jesus to ask for something, but it is He who asks us: what are you looking for in your life, from your marriage, from your job? from your call to priesthood or religious life? Or from whatever vocation you are pursuing. The first reading from the prophet Isaiah reminds us that we have been chosen as God’s servants in whom he is glorified. Through our service to God, we render glory to him. Do our actions truly bring glorification to him or at times it is shame? We have been chosen for a special purpose, that is; that God might be glorified in our lives, not us glorified. John the Baptist teaches us this in a profound way, bringing others to Christ and not to ourselves.

Be the light of the nations

The Gospel leaves us an important detail: "I didn't know him". Thus, John shows us that the way of seeking God is not a way that starts from what we know, from what we think or what we understand or from prepackaged answers, but exactly from the opposite. The way that leads us to God is above all a profound availability of the heart to set out on a journey towards a Mystery that is not known but which is desired with all one's heart. 

The Church is not a goal, but a means that should simply arouse in all of to search for Him and meet Him. Whoever starts a journey is always unsteady, but he keeps going because he cannot get anywhere if he doesn't go on. That is where the light of Christ must shine in us. As persons formed to be servants and who are honored and gather often in his eyes, today’s word brings us to full communion with each other and with God. The different charisms and elements of our vocations are a manifestation of this unity in diversity which the Holy Spirits brings out in us. It is a call to living sainthood together and to recognize that the journey to holiness is not just and individuals adventure but rather an adventure of the entire community that lives together and supports its members in various ways spiritually and materially.

Action points

The invitation therefore for us who have been shown Christ is to live according to his will. This is also what saint Paul says in the second reading, called by the will of God to be apostles. It is god’s will that we serve him in various ways. And this variety of vocation are what when fully fulfilled brings glorification to the lord. Let our actions then glorify the lord. Let us then live in a way that is worthy of our vocation. Let us embrace a life of love, of humility and of considering the needs of others. by so doing we shall be the light of Christ to the world, we shall be the other john’s, showing the lamb of God to the world.

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