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Legion of Mary is an association of Catholics who with the sanction of the church and under the leadership of Mary Immaculate, Mediatrix of all graces, have formed themselves into a legion for service in the warfare perpetually waged by the church against the world and the evil powers.


The object of the legion of Mary is the glory of God through the holiness of the members developed by prayers and active cooperation in Mary’s and church’s work of advancing the reign of Christ.

Spirit of the Legion:

The spirit of the legion of Mary is that of Mary herself i.e. humanity, continual prayer, mortification, purity, patience, heavenly wisdom, courageous love of God and above all faith.


Is open to all Catholics who

  • Faithfully practice their religion
  • Are animated by the desire to fulfill their role in the church’s apostolate through membership of the legion.
  • Are prepared to fulfill each and every duty which active membership involves.

Legion of Mary in the parish is organized in units called Presidia (singular praesidium) we have three (3) English presidia, of these two are for adults located at Mbuya church and Bugolobi flats respectively and the third is for the youth at St. Kizito secondary school.

We also have six (6) Luganda praesidia, four of adults and two junior (children) praesidia. These are in the sub parishes of Nakawa, Banda, Kinawataka and at Mbuya church. Junior praesidia are at Kinawataka and Mbuya village. Each praesidia is accountable to the next higher council the Curia. The Luganda praesidia form a curia which sits at Mbuya parish every month, while each praesidia holds weekly meetings at different venues and time.


At weekly meetings members are assigned work which includes apostolate in the parish, visits to homes, prisons and hospitals.


Legion work at Mbuya parish is as old as the parish itself has extended to Bbiina parish and Kitintale sub parish, but also enough share of problems, it is difficult to recruit active members as well as maintaining them in this voluntary work. Carrying out assigned duties isn’t easy interms of time and financial implication.

Patrick Mugenyi

President- Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Praesidium- Mbuya Parish

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