• Solemnity of Christ the King

    Readings: Daniel 7:13-14, Psalm 92:1-2, 5, Apocalypse 1:5-8, John 18:33-37

    Mine is not a kingdom of this world

    The coming of Christ into the universe brought a lot of changes in the understanding of the people of his time and even to us today. Through his life and ministry, he touched many lives; he turned upside down many social systems and mentalities. He associated with the least and the lowliest, the poor, those who needed healing. He identified himself with the marginalized and the abandoned of his time. Such is the kind of King Christ is.

  • Solemnity of Christ the King Year B  

    Theme: He reigns forever

    A good number of us may have limited experience of kings, queens and royals. Most countries in this world are no longer governed by monarchs and where royal families continue to perdure, their roles are simply ceremonial. In the 1970’s, Juan Carlos is king in Spain since 1970, Elizabeth II has been Queen of England since 1952.

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